Strollin on a River.

Strollin on a River.

Workout Date:





Goldberg, Big Wheelz, Straplock, Magnum, Saved by the Bell, Pert Plus, Pipeline

The Thang:

500AM… Shovel Flag is planted by YHC and Foghat is turned UP for stretching. Little did I know, this was a day that would not soon be forgotten.

502AM… Magnum rolls in

503AM… Our special guest, Pipeline rolls in. He apparently knew which AO would offer the better workout today, as he chose Ultimate Hoff over Southern Bells, after Bluegrass tried luring him to the not as ULTIMATE KB AO on the less cool side of town via Twitter.


505AM… Straplock rolls in, followed by Saved by the Bell.

510AM… Straplock and myself begin discussing my subliminal tweet from last night. It’s been a PRIORITY of mine,  to get BigWheelz out of the fartsack on a Friday and come HOFF with us. It was nearing the point of ULTIMATE harrassment, so with ONE last, last ditch effort… I called him out with an 11th hour prove me wrong tweet. As Straplock and myself stood there,  in the foggy darkness of Laurel Street laughing about how he’d never show up… Off in the dark shadows we spot what seems to be a set of Chevy pickup headlights headed out way. We look at each other in utter disbelief… and then… the horn starts blowing over and over again! We hear what seems to be a laughing hyena.


He got out, we laughed it up… and the HYPE was On!

512AM… We had what seemed to be a group of six…

The mumble chatter and laughter continues,  and at 515AM we take off for the riverwalk.

The group stayed together for the first mile or so as we chatted it up, laughed, and took in the view of the river and beautiful cypress trees from the riverwalk. We soon made our way back out to the backroads of downtown Conway behind Jerry Cox. This is were the separation happened. YHC hollers out…Hey yall, let’s hit those steps….

And that was that. Obviously some of us weren’t feeling the 20 or so steps heading up the side of the trestle. So Straplock and myself took on the challenge while the others kept going.

Straplock introduced me to some hidden shortcuts today, that I never knew existed, while talking about life and everything else under the sun that came to our mind. As always, great fellowship was had.

About 545am… we ran across our missing brothers and we all began the mosey back toward the watertower.

Once we all returned and reunited, we noticed an extra vehicle… I checked my phone, and WALLAH, a text at 515AM that says… wait for me! From the one and only Pert Plus.

Moments later a sweaty bearded dude came strolling down the streets and we welcomed him with open arms while I apologized for missing the text.

All was forgiven.

We huddled up, made announcements  followed by prayer requests.

SuperDaves daughter and Saved by the Bells daughter were definitely in our thoughts and prayers this morning.

This was an ULTIMATE way to start the weekend. Great friends, great cardio, and great fellowship! Each man got better today.

Until next time. Stay ULTIMATE guys!



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