Sub Q in the rain

Sub Q in the rain

Workout Date:





Varsity, Stewie, Penelope, Lombardi, Hoser, Corkscrew (Respect), Bubbles , Flop (QIC)

The Thang:

The call went out on Slack that Wolverine was not going to be able to Q on Tuesday.  Family members had the flu and he was going to be needed at home.  There is a Beatdown that I have in mind for Warthog so I decided to step in.  The weather forecast had some rain coming our way but the overall temperature wasn’t too bad.  As I left my house in Carolina Forest it was not raining so I was hoping to get my idea rolling.  the closer i got to the AO the more the rain came down so that when I arrived it was a solid drizzle.  I joined several of the PAX under the lifted back door of Bubbles van and gave the one minute warning.  In an effort to keep the PAX dry I would scrap the planned workout and needed to make one up on the fly.

Disclaimer given and we moseyed to picnic shelter.

LBAC forward and back x12

Air press x12

SSH x15

Imperial Walkers x15

Hillbillies x15

For the record;

  • trying to count cadence and work on what to do next is not recommended.
  • tables at the picnic shelter are bolted down so they are not moveable
  • Hoser said I am the first Q to complain about having even numbers at a workout (wanted to work in groups of 3 but that doesn’t work with 8 PAX)

Mosey to the parking garage (which feels like the official AO for this winter)


Low Plank

Right arm up

Left arm up

Mosey to first incline

3 rounds up the incline

Squats on the bottom, Monkey Humpers at the top

5 each, 10 each, 15 each

Plank on the 6

All PAX then Plank Press x10, Jump Squat x10

Next 3 Rounds up the incline

Merkins at the bottom, CDD at the top

5 each, 10 each, 15 each

Plank on the 6

Last set up incline

Burpees 5 at the bottom, 10 at the top, back down for 15 then go to the top and Plank on the 6

3 rounds of Mary

LBCs and Flutter Kicks  – 15 and 10, 30 and 20, then 45 and 30

Mosey to the next level for a backward run then spring back

Mosey back to picnic shelter

Had 5 minutes left for some Mary and ended with a 1 minute Plank hold

Mary consisted of American Hammers, Pretzel Crunch, Box Cutters and LBCs


Glad I was able to fill in.

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