Sunrise workout, is there anything better

Sunrise workout, is there anything better

Workout Date:





Mater (Lake Norman), Blueprint, (Carpex), Hefty (Lake Norman), Candycane, Viagra, Cubby, Quicksand, Beaker, Pikachu (QIC)

The Thang:

AO Timeshare

Conditions, perfect for a sunrise workout on the beach

Not realizing what I did, but I put myself on the Q sheet back to back Saturday’s at Timeshare. Oh well, I’m good with that. This is one of the ten best AO’s in the Granstrand and a great group for men. It is a great AO and has allot of options not many other AOs have. And they have visitors which is even better. I enjoy meeting visiting Pax from other regions. I didn’t have a solid plan heading into Saturday and asked Candycane if he wanted to Co-Q with me. So he jumped on that chance which is great. We talked and said we don’t do enough high energy endurance workouts. So I took that thought and developed just that. I’ve been trying to really step outside the comfort zone on my Q’s and get some new exercises and bring the energy. Showed up and Quicksand was waiting and Blueprint was right behind me. Actually everyone was early except Cubby and that only because Weasel was on Q at Bombsquad. Wonder if he made it there on time. 😂

One minute warning, Time to go

Proper Disclaimer, well sort of. I botched this one. Who knows why.


15 Harry Rockets, 15 Tempo Squats, 15 IW, 15 HB, 15 Grady Corn I think due to beakers very funny inappropriate joke. 15 SSH all in cadence.

And off to the beach we go. As we approach the intersection the light was red for us to cross but a City of N. Myrtle Beach though red means go cause I was two inches from being run over. I was sort of sluggish until now. That got my blood pumping. And now issue free to the beach.

1) Had the Pax line up along the beach starting at the Shovel Flag for a Plank walk left/Indian Run. Pax one by one do a Indian run to the beginning of the line while other Pax continue to plank walk left. Once at my chosen stoping point we plank walked right/Indian Run back to the shovel flag.

2) Circle up, High Knees 4ct/Clap Merkin 3 count. Do four high knees and directly into Merkin position for 3 clap Merkins. We did 5 of these. Maybe a little light in the two count here. But first try at this one.

3) Get into crab walk position but we will be stationary. In stationary position take left arm and touch right knee as you left right knee off the ground and extend right leg and touch right foot. Same for right arm and left leg. We did 20 of these OYO. Wasn’t sure how many since this was my first go with these.

4) Back into Merkin Position, no do a partial merkin and hold that position and now push back to work the shoulders and back to the low merkin hold. Keeping low the whole time never coming up. One Pax deemed these “Sand Humpers” and right there in NMB the Sand humper was born. 20 OYO.

5) Hop Squats. Keep feet together for a prisoner type squat except keep ties forward, once at the top do a hop. 20 OYO

6) Suicides with 10 SSH. Needs no description. Mosey to the Gray Trash cans and back to the beginning. On my third set I was stopped my an older gentlemen asking who we are, what our mission was. So I explained and gave a proper mission statement, and talked about our leadership building of men and our community outreach we do as well. He didn’t want to join us cause he though we were a bit too much for him but he I’ll take the opportunity. Now I’m way behind and have to finish my set and the Pax are all done.

At this point I asked Candycane to take finish up the last 20 minutes. Candycane gave a great lecture in form and how pax are failing miserably at their form. One Call may have been proud. No sure.

7) 20 2ct stationary lunges with strict proper form. Or do the best you can and don’t cheat yourself.

8) Gas pumpers 20 IC. Slow and proper form

9) 20 Tempo Squats IC with strict proper form. Squats were slow and correctly completed. I always do my best to keep proper form. It really helps prevent injury and being called out by One Call in front of 100 Pax. I’ve seen it happen. I don’t want to be that guy.

Candycane wanted to do some Mary and I re-iterate that Mary is an AB EXERCISE and not Merkins or burpees like some Pax think. My pet peeve, do an ab exercise for Mary. If you want to do Burpees that ask the Q to punish you with some Burpees. So he decided to Mosey back with the shovel flag to the shovel flags home for some Mary. I knew he was going to try something sneaky on me.

Beaker – Pretzel Crunch 10Ea Side IC

Pikachu – Crunchy Frog 15 IC

Mater – Elevated Crunch 10 Ea Leg.

Blueprint – WWII sit-ups 15

Hefty – Some 8 count including hello dolly, into a box cutter into a split leg crunch. Wth.

Candycane – Rubber Kicks 20 IC

Viagra – American Hammers 15 IC

Cubby – Freddie Mercury 15 IC

Quicksand – Protractor

Pikachu – One minute plank to finish up.


Announcements, Freed to bleed, AO’s doing the IPC, Time change to 5:15.

Prayers, Rubbers Dad unspoken.

It was and always is an honor to lead these men. Especially when it’s a bunch of new stuff and everyone just looks at you with one eye brow raised. But it’s easy to be a leader when times are easy, harder to stick to your plan when it gets difficult. Stay strong men and don’t let anyone intimidate you out of being the best leader you can be. And once you think you are, keep pushing farther to be even better. There is no perfect leader or perfect Q.





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