Super Loop at the Riviera

Super Loop at the Riviera

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Peach, Prime, Goldberg, WonTon, Hoedown, Grass Patch, Mudslide, Whittle, Tag Team, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

This morning I was really anticipating a big showing at the pre-run and ran out the door to get there a little early. In the process of running out the door I left my work laptop, shower bag and clothes next to said door. Instead of being about 10 minutes early I was about 2 minutes late but there was only one person waiting on me, so to be honest I was a little relieved. I jumped out threw on my weight vest (new addition, adds a great deal of suck to everything) and took off eventually catching up with Mudslide. A little while later WonTon joined us as we were making a loop around the baseball fields, everyone had different distance and paces but we were 3 pax strong on the pre-run this morning which is much better than we had been the past few weeks.

One Minute Warning Given (it may have been more like a 2 minute warning)
Disclaimer Given
Conditions: 42 degrees, dry with a little bit of wind.

We began with a fast cadence COP:
1. 30-SSHs IC
2. 15-Wind Mills IC (I called TTT but intended windmills so everyone was a little confused with my movement, Someone called me out and it was corrected.)
3. 10-Merkins OYO
4. 15-TTT IC
5. 10-Merkins OYO
6. 20-Little Baby Arm Circles forward and reverse IC
7. 20-Overhead Claps IC

8. Mosey behind the church to grab the cinder blocks, then mosey to parking lot.

Super Loop
I have been trying to create new routines instead of using my some old things over and over again and today I used a combination of the burpee mile and super sevens. I picked up super sevens from Hoedown a couple weeks ago and really thought it was a strong exercise, thanks Hoedown. As for the Burpee mile, what a great exercise, you can’t not like it.

Super Loop

Super Sevens (all super sevens were done with cinder block)
1. Bent over Rows
2. Wood Choppers (like a KB swing but less hip movement, focus on shoulders and back)

Lap around parking lot and church (almost ¼ mile)

Super Sevens
1. Shoulder Presses
2. Front Raises

Lap around parking lot and church

Super Sevens
1. Curls
2. Triceps Extension

Lap around parking lot and church

Super Sevens (Blocks held in air on these)
1. Flutter Kicks
2. V Ups

Lap around parking lot and church

Super Sevens
1. Burpee
2. Turkish Get up (Crowd pleaser for sure with blocks)

Mosey to return the blocks, then mosey to the church wall

1. Pass the Block Wall Sits (Lined up close, passed the block down while holding a wall sit, three times down and back)

1. 15-Freddy Mercury’s IC
2. 5- V Ups OYO
3. 20-Flutter Kicks IC
4. 5- V Ups OYO
5. 15-Box cutters IC
6. 5-V Ups OYO
7. 10-Hello Dolly’s IC
8. 10-Peter Parkers IC


*Hoedown is leading at Warthog this Saturday and will have a devotional message after the beat down (Easter is the next day). A bike ride is likely to happen before the beat down.

*International Drive Road race coming up, get signed up.

*BigWheelz stepped up big with Ainsley’s Angels and pushed a special needs child (Drew) in a race in Charleston. Ainsley’s Angels South Carolina is based here in Horry County so it would be great to have a group of runners get involved in this. Runners don’t have to push the entire race, up to three or four people can run with one child and alternate pushing. Contact Bluegrass for more info.

Devo: Matthew 18:15 Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee thou hast gained thy brother.
-build relationships on honesty, talk through issues and don’t talk behind peoples back, this applies at home, at work and in our friendships.

Prayer Request: The Reeves Family, WonTons Father, Whittles Grandmother

Prayed for the group.

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