SweetTooth Inspired Beatdown at the Village

SweetTooth Inspired Beatdown at the Village

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Flyover, Buffett, High Interest, Quaker, Kitten, Barkley, Boxcar, Skidmark, Crankbait (QIC)

The Thang:

1 minute warning given as a few Pax turned into the Village parking lot on 2 wheels.





25 Imperial walkers

20 LBAC (forward and reverse)

10 Hand release merkins OYO


The Thang:

SweetTooth inspired workout was performed in standard partner fashion.  One partner ran a lap, while the other performed the exercise.  Really, we all just tried to keep up with Kitten (#Beastmode).  He also ran the Freedom run from the Hulk and back on his own (sans flag) to warm up and cool down.  Major props.

S – Side straddle hops x 100

W – Wide-arm Merkins x 100

E – Elbow plank (held while partner was running – 8 laps to honor SweetTooth’s 8 years)

E – Everest x 100

T- Tempo Carolina Dry Docks x 100

T – Tempo Merkins x 100

O – Overhead claps x 100 (with Hallelujah laps – running Pax runs with arms raised in the air – #feeltheburn)

O – Overhead presses x 100 (with Hallelujah laps)

T – Tempo Squats x 100

H – Hammers, American – 2 count x 200


Circle up for 4 rounds of Tabata Flutter Kicks (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 4)


Pain total = 1000 reps, 3.14 miles, 100% got better


I could feel the disappointment when time ran out before we had the opportunity to cue up ThunderStruck.  I promised to bring it to my next Q, but returned home to find that Quaker had revoked my “Q Request” privileges.



Count-o-rama = 10


Prayer requests and Announcements – Operation SweetTooth details were announced again.  Reminder to fill out the 3rd F survey so we can get some plans together for 2018.



As always, it was an honor to lead.  Have a great rest of the week!

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