Team #DORA Style Rowing and Running

Team #DORA Style Rowing and Running

Workout Date:





Whittle, Peach, Wonton, Bluegrass, Mud Slide, Runoff (QIC)

The Thang:

The Thang: 

YHC never rest the night before a Q… Esp when there is no #winkie. Don’t know why, but I guess it’s the curse of the first born child! So when Ed Peotrowski confidently talked about heavy rains before daylight, I just knew this #downpainment was going to be special. I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm went off to survey the intensity of the liquid sunshine! I loaded the ab roller, kettle bell, barbell and dumb bells in the truck to make the most of it! Leaving my driveway, I could hardly see! For 15 minutes it poured. As I approached Conway it lightened up, and as the Conway High School sign made a reflection on the windshield, the rains quit. Just like you turned off the shower! Thank you, Lord!

Rounding the corner at 4:50AM, I was surprised to see 3 dedicated men on the pre-run! Mud Slide, Bluegrass, and Peach. Great work men!

I proceeded to unload the truck under the canopy of the ROCK creating a weight station, and then came up with a plan, to challenge these guys and not go home looking like we were in a Mudrun!

Condition:  Clearing Skies, and misting rain, low 60’s.

One Minute Warning

Disclosure: Non-professional, modify as needed, form is important, here at your own accord…

Circle Up:

Warm up:

SSHx30, IC

Hillbilliesx25, IC

5 Burpees, OYO

Imp Walkers x 25, IC

5 Burpees, OYO

TTT x 15, IC

10 Burpees, OYO

Mosey around parking lot.

Ending the mosey at the Weight Station, I began to explain my version of a TEAM #DORA. One guy runs the parking lot loop while the PAX #AMRAP each station until the runner returns.  Realizing he needed a little more challenge, Bluegrass offered some of his twenty big boy #KETTLEBELLS he had in his car!  Surly this will not effect the shocks or gas milage…but may even void the warranty.

Excuse my digressing, the runner departed and we began.  Rinse and Repeat.

25lbs Dumb bells – Triceps Extension

35lbs Dumb Bell – Curls

20lbs/40lbs Kettle Ball – One arm swings (rotating arms)

40lbs KB High Pull

40lbs KB Squats

Keeping the heart pumping we mixed in 2 rounds of Karaoke and Sprints

Rinse and Repeat until for three sets.

Round 2 – Rowing Focused

25lbs KB Swings

Weighted LBC’s

Ab Roller – stretching it out

Bent over rows (Curl Bar)

KB Rows

Rinse and Repeat

(Due to time we shortened our path around the lot on round 2)

We were all smoked! The watch said we ran 2.4 miles and burned 499 Calories (If I had only done one more burpee…. Said no one ever!)



Wonton’s Father


April 29th Horry County Road Run

Support Etch-a-Sketch in Chicken Bog Dinner today.

Friday Morning Kettle Balls

Happy birthday to Grasspatch’s M! (Reason for his absence)

Training wheels will skip breakfast Saturday to opt for more training.

Possible Sunday ride (Bluegrass)




Samuel 16:7. God knows our heart. Man looks at the outside but God sees through our best efforts to hide our mess from everyone else. How does he see each of us? We should teach our kids to see past the exterior and get to know kids at school. Our best defense against the violence in our world is a Christian doing their best to be the light of Jesus wherever he plants us!




No winkie. No problem. Just get out there and get to work. It will all work out. Thank you for allowing me to lead. I enjoyed the #mumberchatter this morning while getting better together!


It was an honor to lead!


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