Terror on the Riviera!

Terror on the Riviera!

Workout Date:



Goldberg and Maddam Tussau


Goldberg, Maddam Tussau, Big Wheels, BlueGrass, Saved by the Bell, Grasspatch, High Interest, Mudslide, ReCount, Magnum, TagTeam, Whittle, Grunt, Switchfoot

The Thang:

500AM… YHC rolled into the AO parking lot and to my suprise, the PAX were out EARLY today… almost seeming ANXIOUS for a Beatdown! I think by 505AM we had almost all 14 ready to roll, but we waited… and there, in the gloom, a golf cart or mini cooper whips in… and it’s none other than Saved by the Bell!

515AM… Maddam T gives the disclaimer and we mosey .5 miles to the Football fields.

First exercise… SSH IC, 30 I believe…

Next exercise… High Knees with drop down Merkins on Maddams command. We probably did 10 drop downs over the course of a couple mins.

Next exercise… I dont know the name for it, but it sucked! I had a small merlot at some point, that sounded like a T-REX coming through the woods at us! Anyways, we did 10 burpees and jogged across the football field and back. Then we did 20 LBCs and jogged at a quicker pace across the football field. Finally we did 10 Merkins and gave it all we had across the football field and back. To make matters worse…. We then REPEATED this INSANITY!

Next we moseyed to the largest hill this side of Aynor and wouldn’t you know… Maddam made us sprint up it, and then partner up and wheelbarrow each other up this southern Everest!

I began to hear mumbles of… “when is Goldberg taking over? We need a break.”

Well, they asked for it… and I was Gonna deliver.

Maddam passed the invisible Q torch to myself, and we moseyed back to the AO.

Once everyone arrived and ALL men were accounted for I broke the news to them. We had 14 minutes left, and had 14 PAX…

14 PAX×5 Burpees=70 Burpees as a TEAM!

This would be different though. First I cranked up some 90s club music… Haddaway, LaBouche, and that Blue dabadee dabadye song… and set the mood! Then I explained that we would do 5 burpees together, then one PAX will step to the center of the circle and simply state what F3 means and has done for them. We would rinse and repeat until all PAX gave their testimony and 70 burpees were completed, 5 at a time…TOGETHER as ONE. This took us to the bell. Everyone, including myself was DONE! Great work!


F3 Dads Tuesday nights going forward behind the Carolina Forest Library. 6pm… I think. Someone correct me if I’m wrong please.

Last chance for Kettlebell tees

Saturday morning Republic bootcamp from 7-8 under the watertower. Peach is AOQ for any questions

Also, Saturday morning Missional AO led by Kitten at New Directions mens shelter in MB. 730am-815AM


Many requests were made. Family members in need of prayer, PAX themselves, and several PAX abroad and traveling need prayer including Etch a Sketch, Pert Plus, and Saved by the Bells daughter.

YHC prayed us out.

It was an honor to not only Q at the Riviera, but to Q alongside my brother Maddam T… the man who pushed me to start this F3 journey! Stay ULTIMATE guys! And until we meet again… STAY HYPED!


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