The 4 Village Idiots

The 4 Village Idiots

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Bling, Crankbait, Peterbilt, Skimmer

The Thang:

Woke up Monday feeling like garbage.  But, alas, I had the Q at Village today- so, lots of fluids, lots of illegal drugs, a surprise enema, and wake up early to get out!  Weather- 58 and rainy/windy.  I knew harder rain was on the way as a quick text to One Call in Blackbeard told me there was a monsoon in Murrells Inlet!

Walked the terrain, got my bearings/distances, and waited for the crew to show up.  Not sure if my good looks or  demanding Q’s kept people away, but at game time it was just Peterbilt and Crankbait (Skimmer showed up fashionable late wearing a slicker!). Disclaimer given- lets go

22 Merkins (Vets). IC


30 sec plank

22 TTT. IC

30 sec plank

22 Carolina DD IC

30 sec plank

22 Flutterkicks IC

30 sec plank

22 Arm Circles forward/ then backward IC

30 sec plank

Stayed under coverage as the rain was steady- used the picnic tables for 11’s.  10 Dips/ 1 Derkin.  repeat until flipped.  shoulders feeling good!

With just 4 of us, Indian Run was out- we just moseyed all the way around the building to the fence by the crematory.  Time for a little DORA.  Partner 1- run 100 yards to the shed and back.  Partner 2:

200 Squats

200 LBC

200 Carolina DD

The rain started getting heavier, and I staying out in the rain wasn’t a smart idea for me.  we moseyed back under cover and finished our 200 CDD as a group.

went straight to group 6”.  feet up, then hands up, then head off cement.  great work, lots of groans, solid core!

30 sec plank

22 Flutters IC

time had us at 6:05- time for a small round of group choice

overhead claps


arm circles

shoulder presses


Announcements- Crankbait/Handy study starts tonight at Waterway Palms, Waverucker in the AM, get out and Q somewhere new, get Skimmer on Slack.

Prayers- Skimmer and his marriage, Bling health, safe travels.

Privilege to lead as usual.



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