The Boxcar Children – It’s more than just a mystery!

The Boxcar Children – It’s more than just a mystery!

Workout Date:



Brown Bag


Yellow Cake DR from F3 MECA/Concord, Dugger DR from F3Knoxville, Weedeater, Grease Monkey, Franklin, O’Douls, Billboard, El Red Cardo, Brown Bag QIC

The Thang:

74* No rain to light rain to heavy rain back to no rain.

YHC received a text from Spork asking if YHC was posting at Bombsquad and if so could YHC bring the flag. Sure thing! A little extra commitment never hurts. YHC checked the Q Sheet and saw that Boxcar was on Q. YHC thought to get mentally prepared for Rocky Balboa’s as there has never been a Boxcar Q without them. 


YHC turned onto Carolina Forest Blvd and was immediately behind a Ford Explorer that was driving 5 MPH under the speed limit. Damn, YHC hopes to make it in time. Turns out the aforementioned Ford Explorer was being piloted by downrange PAX, Dugger. Anyway, made it with time to spare and planted the flag.


As we saw lightning in the distance we started wondering where Boxcar was. The 1-minute warning hit and still no Boxcar. YHC jumped in to take the Q and asked someone to be a timekeeper.


The mind Weinke kicked into gear and it went like this:


Proper disclaimer was given



10 Merkins SC


The rain was light but steady by this point

10 Merkins SC

10 Abe Vigoda Windmills IC

10 Merkins SC

20 Tempo Squats IC

10 Merkins SC


20 LBAC (reverse) IC

20 CP IC

20 Air Press holding Squat IC


Indian Run around the AO ending at the most beautiful coupon pile in all the land.


Each PAX grabbed a standard, 8x8x16 concrete block coupon and carried it over to the big parking lot. During the journey, the rain got heavier and heavier. YHC thought about going under the overhang but NO, out of respect to no-show Boxcar who dislikes working out in the rain we continued to the parking lot for a Dora in the heavy downpour.


We partnered up and as one PAX mosey’d across the parking lot and back to other PAX did:

50 Overhead Press

75 Block Swings

100 Curls

We then headed to the overhang for some more Dora.


Round 1

As one PAX wall-sits the other PAX did 15 Merkins until the total got to 120.


Round 2

As one PAX holds AlGore the other PAX did 20 Body Weight Squats until the total got to 160.


By this time the rain had let up.


To the curb in front of the cross for (you guessed it!), 100 count your right leg Rocky Balboa’s 


Bear Crawled back to our coupons


Circled up for a round of Colt 45’s


Returned our coupons


Back to the flag for a round of Mary.


Plank (right arm up, left arm up, low plank etc.)

15 American Hammers IC

15 LBC’s IC


22 Merkins SC








Blood Drive – Freed to Bleed Oct 30

IronPAX Get signed up!



Rubber’s dad, Don King

Unspoken prayers


YHC prayed us out


Great having 2 DR PAX with us and it was a blast dancing in the rain!


Honor to lead!


Until next time…


Brown Bag


Over and out

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