The Cardio Party Yo!

The Cardio Party Yo!

Workout Date:





Goldberg, BigWheelz, Pert Plus, Bluegrass, Super Dave and 2.0, Barney

The Thang:

5AM… YHC rolls into AO and notices three cars already there, Bike racks intact. I knew Bluegrass had some company this morning.

505AM… Superdave and his 2.0 roll in and the mumblechatter begins.

510AM… Our resident Lance Armstrongs roll in. Bluegrass and Pert put the bikes away, while BigWheelz stays put…  and informs me that he’ll be riding beside me as I run, simply for motivation. I think he just likes to hear my thoughts on life, love and everything in between. But, what do I know.

515AM… We take off! Heading toward the river. We stayed together for a short period of time and then we split into what seemed to be two separate groups. Myself and BigWheelz took the more scenic approach… Riverwalk, allys, train tracks and hidden backroads. While the others looked to head straight up Elm St. For more of a quicker pace. I like to think of the scenic route as an opportunity for extra mumble chatter. It has nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t wanna hold SuperDave up.

550AM… We all begin seeing one another again, and the mumblechatter starts back up, all the while, we notice a white police car off in the distance… could Barney be in our presence?

555AM… A distant image begins to appear out of the glare of the sunrise. We see what seems to be blinky lights on a weighted vest… Its Barney! We all say HEY BUDDY!! With excitement in our voices… and just like that… we get BARNEYFIED! “Gotta go guys” Yep, that’s all. He heads off into the morning lights. We all look at each other, laugh, and almost simultaneously say… that’s Barney.

I’m on a mission people! I WILL make him laugh before I’m dead. That’s on my bucket list. PS… I say all this with peace and love.

600AM… we circle up and prayer requests are made.

Please keep Pert Plus and his family in your prayers as they travel overseas to complete their adoption! Also, please continue to pray for SuperDaves daughter as she battles ongoing migraines.

YHC prayed us out.

Thanks for allowing me to join you all this morning. You all are true Warriors. Until next time. Stay HYPED!



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