The Eyes Of the Ranger

The Eyes Of the Ranger

Workout Date:





El Red Cardo, Quaker (BombSquad AOQ), Sunshine (Village AOQ), Goldberg, Flyover, Hot Tub, Handy Manny (3rd F Q), and Vitamin D

The Thang:

Conditions: 45 Degrees and no wind.

YHC’s work organization has lots of meetings;I think we have meetings to schedule more meetings.  So, YHC used the time at a recent marathon meeting to plan out the weinke for Saturday’s bootcamp at BombSquad.  I made it look like I was taking detailed notes #conscientiousemployee.  YHC remembered that he and arguably the toughest man alive (Mr. Chuck Norris aka Cordell Walker – Walker Texas Ranger; James Braddock – Missing In Action 1,2 & 3; Booker – Expendables 2; and Matt Hunter – Invasion USA literally saving the entire U.S. via the fury of his twin UZI sub machine guns with unlimited ammo) shared the same birthday month of March.  YHC pulled out his phone at said meeting pretending to check his email, but in reality was checking to see when the actual birth-date was and…how-about-that it was the same day as my Q (3-10)!

YHC rolled into the church parking lot, posted his workout options on the church ball-field concession stand window, back to the COT & met up with Handy who was stretching for a pre-run, waited on Quaker for a Pre-Ruck who then arrives at 0516 (for a 0515 start #lawyers), and we launch with backpacks on into the unknown (well…it was loops around the church campus, but it was dark!).  Quaker and I rucked for appx. 40 minutes (that equated to a little south of 3 miles) and is a great way for YHC to warm up his 85 y.o. right knee.  Handy on the other hand given the same 40 minutes probably ran to Aynor and back (just like Chuck).

The other PAX rolled in until we had 9 #HIM.  After hearing positive feedback on a recent Saturday Q, I wanted again to offer several different workout options.  First one was for a single PAX, the second PAX working in a pair and the 3rd a ruck friendly option.  And then a final circuit.  Of course everything was over the top Chuck Norris.

1 Minute warning.

Welcome to F3, disclaimer, mission and we launched…

Warm Up:

IC 20-25 reps. of : SSH, TTTs, Windmills, IWs, LBACs forwards & back, and Dive Bomber Merkins.

OYO: 10 Burpees.  YHC then asked PAX to name core principles (& why it was important) interspersing 5 Burpees to finish out the warm up.


Workout Option 1 (single PAX).

Lone Wolf ______________?

1.      Run 1 lap around church campus
2.      10 Burpees
3.      20 4 ct. Flutter Kicks
4.      30 Merkins
5.      40 Squats

3 Rounds

*Consistently beat your time and name the above Chuck Norris movie (or come up with a Chuck Norris saying) to avoid doing 25 Burpees.

PAX: Sunshine, Handy and Vitamine D.  YHC could feel the rush of wind each time they passed him…these guys are fast and they did 4 rounds!

Workout Option 2 (PAX work in pairs)

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee
(They fought against each other in this movie?)

CIRCUIT (DORA 1-2-3 Style)
1.      Run short lap around church parking lot while partner PAX does exercise
2.      100 Merkins
3.      200 LBCs
4.      300 Squats

2 Rounds

*Beat your time and name the above Chuck Norris movie (or come up with a Chuck Norris saying) to avoid doing 25 Burpees.

PAX: Hot Tub and Flyover who finished a minute ahead of everyone else.  YHC and El Red Cardo; ERC witnessed the incidinairy speed of YHC and had to do more exercises than he planned!  Quaker and Goldberg; solid work and just good all around nice guys!

Workout Option 3

Good Guys Wear ________________? (And Rucks)

1.      Ruck 1 lap around church campus with bucket carry 1 quarter
2.      10 Burpees
3.      20 Squats
4.      20 Merkins
5.      40 4ct. Flutter Kicks

2 Rounds

Beat your time and name the above Chuck Norris movie (or come up with a Chuck Norris saying) to avoid doing 25 Burpees.

PAX: YHC could have rucked…just needed one more.  (sigh).

The PAX completed their desired workout option and beat their times.  Good job!  The Chuck Norris trivia was a bit harder for the crew and YHC felt sorry for them not having the same enjoyment growing up with Chuck dispensing justice to all manner of evil doers.  12 penalty burpees for most.  Sunshine (& Handy…gulity by proximity) did 25. Sunshine’s Chuck Norris saying was loutish not fit for young ears.


Using an “11” format and for time sake we halved into a “7”, we did the following:

At the T-ball field…

6 Chuck Norris style Merkins

1 action forward role

dynamically hop the outfield fence

1 Chuck Norris jump with kick, or just jump (which most PAX did).


Reverse order back to the beginning and do 5 Chuck Norris Merkins

Complete the whole circuit until CN Merkins were 1 and the jump whatevers were 6.

YHC finished first.  I had to.

Mosey back to COT.

YHC had the AOQ finsh us out with MARY.


Count-O-Rama – 9
Prayer requests spoken & unspoken; guidance and strength for all #HIM; YHC lead us in prayer.

– Excellent work today!  Honor to Q!  Thanks for indulging my creativity!  My goal is to have have something thoughtful, hard, but fun to make the time go by quickly and inspire awesome#mumblechatter.  Except for Sunshine who is on probation; “the eyes of the ranger are upon you”.

– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that! The events page is getting filled up!!! Try to attend CSAUPS, 2ndF events, convergences, etc!!! So much more than a workout group!!
– Dragon Boat coming.  We have 1 full boat of 20 men.  A second one is forming; hit up Handy!
– Get on Q sheets for March and April!
– Skidmark is our 2018 MudRun Q!



Chuck Norris’ weapon of choice is being Chuck Norris.

E=mc2 c=Chuck Norris.

People wanted to add Chuck Norris to Mount Rushmore, but the granite was not tough enough for his beard.

Chuck Norris can pull or push open every door.

Bigfoot tries to capture Chuck Norris on camera.

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