The first ruck WOD for the Ruck Club without a name.

The first ruck WOD for the Ruck Club without a name.

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Hoser, Bling, Lombardi, Penelope, Geno, Turn-N-Cough

The Thang:

So rucking has finally got a foothold in F3 Grandstrad. With the the start of Team Spearheads PATHFINDER Class 013 on Aug 1, there are 11 fellow pax that are rosters in the program. So YHC decided that it was time to start a ruck workout, a ruck club if you will. With all the other days of the week being occupied by bootcamps at the various AO’s the decision was made to do this in lieu of a traditional bootcamp workout but still be back in time at the flag to close out with BOM and COT as one big happy family. Today was the first ruck club workout and ruck.

YHC arose early this morning feeling excited, not for the 85 degree air temps and the 85% humidity but for a new workout opportunity. One of the requirements of PATHFINDER is to get in a number of ruck WODs. This was the first time that a group of ruckers were going to get together and do a ruck word (on purpose and not including The Murph WOD).

At 0400 YHC got to the AO the lighting was still flashing in the air. A quick check of the weather report confirmed that the storm was 20 miles out at see so everything was good to go. Cars starting pulling into the parking lot and wearyed eyed pax starting putting on their rucks and gathering around the flag.

YHC gave a disclaimer  at and motivated the pax to not worry about the rep count but to do proper form. Proper form is going to be key in not hurting your self.

0415: YHC lead a 5 minute stretching circuit then the fun began.

The Ruck WOD

We had 3 groups of 2 pax.

First station: 4 rounds

Partner A: Max merkins or 20 reps which ever comes first

Partner B: Plank until partner A is done then switch.

Hold Plank until all groups are done

Second Station: 4 rounds

Partner A: 10 Burpees

Partner B: 10 Broad Jumps (sans ruck)

Hold Al Gore until all groups are done

Third Station: 4 rounds

Partner A: 10 Ruck Ups

Partner B: 15 Ruck Curls.

We finished the WOD with 4 100 yard sprints (sans Ruck). Time of Ruck WOD was 45 Minutes

After a quick break to change shoes (if needed) get phones and water we did a 4 mile post ruck at a little over 16:30 min pace.

We got back to the flag and stretched OYO until the pax returned from the bootcamp WOD. We joined them for BOM and COT and closed as a family.


Start thinking of a name for our ruck club. Not that there is anything wrong with F3 Grandstrand I just think we can do better. Once we get a name we can look at getting  patches and shirts made. And sorry Penelope “F this, this is stupid” is not an acceptable name.

As of now the plan is to switch AOs (between Warthog and Bombsquad) every week to host a ruck WOD. Next week it will be at Bombsquad. If you guys would like to continue to meet once a week at wither AO I’m ok with that and we will work something out.

Still time to register for PATHFINDER if you know of anyone that is or might be interested. Registration closes on the 15th. Discount code is good till the 31st.

Upcoming Ruck events:

Capital Ruck Tour: 20 Mile or 5 Mile ruck in Columbia on October 21st. Price is $30. Proceeds go to OEW.

Mini Marathon Ruck: Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon October 22nd. Bling has a discount code for that.

Spread the word, let people know what were doing and whats going on.

If you would like to join us for a workout get with me and Ill let you know when and where we meeting next.


Guys thank you for coming out this morning. Thank you for your effort and hard work. None of you quit and that was great to see. Start planning a workout that you would like to lead. Lets not let the wheels fall off of this great opportunity before it get rolling.


See you boys next time.


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