The Kitten Workout

The Kitten Workout

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Kitten, Quaker, Sunshine, Handy Manny, Boxcar, Skid Mark

The Thang:

Today’s workout in the 30-degree cold was inspired by an illustrated children’s book that is near and dear to my heart, “The Kitten Book.” The reasons should be obvious. For our workout, I read the book aloud to the PAX, followed by exercises that would help us become more like the kittens in the book. The workout went like this:

5:29 – 1-minute warning given

5:30 – disclaimer given; let the reading begin!

“Kittens are born with their eyes tightly shut. Their eyes open in about a week. Then kittens can explore the world” (We “explored the world” by doing an Indian run around the perimeter of the Village).

“They are wobbly on their feet, at first” (Since our feet were wobbly, we started on the ground and gradually worked our way up with this routine: 10 hand-release merkins oyo; 25 mountain climbers ic; 20 jump squats oyo; 30 ssh ic).

“Soon kittens grow big enough to lap milk from a dish” (We got in milk-lapping position, i.e., merkin position, and did 20 merkins ic).

“Kittens like to keep neat and clean. They wash themselves with their rough pink tongues” (No, we didn’t do anything with our tongues. But we did do 20 burpees oyo to shake off any dirt that might be on us).

“Kittens play games together. They pretend to be fierce” (Translation: Mosey over to the playground, partner up, and do 100 big boys, 200 dips, and 300 2-count flutter kicks, DORA-style, with one partner running a lap around the Brittain Center while the other exercises).

“Kittens are curious about anything that moves” (At this point, Sunshine waved his paw at me).

“They even try to catch butterflies” (We moseyed over to the main parking lot and did 11’s, with jump squats at one end and burpees at the other. Handy Manny caught the most butterflies).

“Some kittens are all one color and some are all colors” (I had nothing for this).

“Some kittens are sleek and slim. Others are furry and fluffy” (Since we want to be sleek and slim, not furry and fluffy, we did 3 sets of “gassers”–thanks, Bluegrass!–chopping our feet and then dropping to the ground several times before sprinting to the end of the parking lot and back. We repeated this 3 times).

“Kittens run fast when they hear a dinner dish being filled” (No dinner bell, but we still did 4 wind sprints across the parking lot).

“Sometimes kittens sleep all stretched out… and sometimes curled into a furry ball” (We circled up, lay down, stretched out on the ground, and did star gazers… i.e., stared at the stars. Around the circle, each PAX shared a few things going on in their lives they are thankful for. A lot of appreciation for family–15-year anniversary coming up for Boxcar–for Sunshine’s office renovations, God’s grace. A lot of really good stuff). Then time was called.

Announcements: Boat race coming up. Trying to get a team together for a second boat. 3rd F opportunities: Tuesday evening Bible study (every other Tuesday) started this week, 13 strong! Even if you can’t make it, let Handy Manny know, and he can send the videos to you. Another 3rd F opportunity Monday mornings at 6:45 a.m. at Magnolia’s (N. Ocean Blvd and 26th Ave. N.) with Kitten’s church. Lots of opportunities for us to help each other grow!

We prayed it out and headed out.

Great work by everyone pushing through and encouraging each other. If you weren’t there, we missed you. Meow!

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