The Ladies’ Tees…

The Ladies’ Tees…

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Weedeater, Franklin, Flouride (Respect)(Raleigh), Dinghy (Lexington), Watson (Lancaster), Lombardi, Billboard, Whittle, LastCall (FNG Jason L.), Quicksand, Bluegrass (Manning), Rousey, Varsity, Hoser (there at the begining), Flop (there at the end), OneCall

The Thang:

Decent.  Mid-70’s.  A nice breeze

I could probably write a book here rather than a backblast, but this weekend is a story for another time.  Suffice it to say that not only was I joined by 15 other F3 Brothers, but 2 of them were my biological brothers!!!  1 being the forever disappearing Quicksand (who promises to once again be a regular at #Timeshare Beaker), and the other being a newly discovered half-brother that I met for the first time Friday!!!  I will leave out the fact that my M thought I was absolutely (insert colorful language here – not too colorful thought, my M is a saint and “darn” is a stretch for her) for inviting this man within 30 minutes of meeting him.  Why?  Well, #ABH!  Plus, invite him into the family and my life wholeheartedly (which of course involves all things F3) and then #Coffeeteria!  And the family visit and intros were set for Saturday night, so what else to do on a fine Saturday morning!!!   Anyhow, HUGE #TClaps to him for posting under some pretty wacky circumstances, for essentially EH’ing Quicksand to drive him (they were staying an hour away and we all know Quicksand wouldn’t have posted without this special EH), and finally, for destroying the #Beatdown.  Guy’s a beast!  Also, he drives a Subaru like YHC!  Hmm…genetics are weird!

There is wayyyyyyy more to this story, but nobody wants to read all that.  Feel free to ask me anytime though, as this whole situation is just another amazing testament to God’s all-encompassing and brilliant plan!!!!!  #GiveGodTheGlory

YHC arrived at the AO to see the familiar vehicles of Billboard, Weedeater, and Whittle as they got their pre-bike in.  Rousey was there fresh from #BombSquad and a little #JudeeChop recon.  A few DR men were lingering around and greetings were made.  It’s awesome how we meet so many #HIM from across F3Nation during the summers down here on vacay.  Hoser was there in flip flops awaiting Flop to settle up their debt from the Star Course.  We all found out that Hoser was on the IR this week, thus his shoe choice, as a result of a little elective surgery.  He flashed us.  Clearly the surgery was not an augmentation.  Others came rolling in and as always, #Warthog on Saturdays has amazing #MumbleChatter and amazing #HIM.  Lombardi does an awesome job as AOQ.  Franklin is always there working hard!!

The night before, I modified my initial plan that involved touring the AO when Rousey and Weedeater gave me a HC.  Since they can’t run at all while recovering from their injuries, I wanted them to still post and made alternatives for them.  I think it worked well.  Anyhow, prior to the beatdown, I set up 2 sets of cones.  1 regular set for the uninjured PAX – cones at start, 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards.  1 set of “Ladies Tees” for Rousey and Weedeater.  These 4 cones were each 1 foot apart, for a total of 4 feet – I didn’t want them hurting themselves!  At 1 side, was a 40 lb sandbag and a 40 lb KB; at the other a 60 lb KB.

1 minute warning
Intro of FNG and guests

SSH x 20 IC
[saw Weedeater doing all the SSH’s on his left leg as his right foot is in a boot]
Next exercise…..ONLY right leg SSH’s for Weedeater.  HAHA!  JK
IW x 15 IC
Diamond Merkins x 15 IC
LBC’s x 15 IC
Tempo Squats x 20 IC
LBAC’s starting position
Hold awhile, talk of the mission of F3
Fwd x 10 IC, hold out [Yes you Whittle!]
Talk about the 5 core components
LBAC Bwkwd x 10 IC
Air presses x 10 IC
Plank-o-rama, regular, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, all while talking of the 3 F’s
22 Merkins OYO #22kills

We slow moseyed over to the large set of picnic tables and partnered up.  Told DR guys to get with a local and get to know em.  Told Rousey and Weedeater to get together.

We would do a DORA
200 step-ups (really 400 cause I said to count a round of 2 steps as 1).  This wound up being way more miserable than I thought it would be.
150 Derkins
100 Dips
50 Burpees
The #’s were cumulative by the partners.  While 1 partner exercised, the other ran along the walkway to the playground, touch the fence and then run back OVER Mt. Myrtle.  Adding a little hill component made this much harder.
Rousey and Weedeater were to walk around the climbing wall  Timing was pretty good – some picking up the 6 as needed as we always do!

Toward the end, there were 5 burpees left by 1 group and so we all did 5 burpees together.
Everyone was thoroughly smoked by this point, so I called for a walking 10 count back to the field and asked the PAX if they wanted some interval training or AMRAP.  Raise your hand for AMRAP.  Nobody moved.  Either from exhaustion or lack of desire to do AMRAP.  So intervals it was

Told Rousey and Weedeater to use the “Ladies Tees” and do exercises with the sandbags and KB and then walk the 4 feet in between.  Curls, presses, tris, good mornings, squats, etc.  Work really hard on the exercises.  Take it easy on the 4′ walk.  This way they were still near us and No man was left behind!!!

The rest of us lined up and did the following
Sprint to cone.  Plank and hold on instruction.  10 Merkins OYO
Sprint to cone.  Plank and hold on instruction.  10 CDDs OYO
Sprint to cone.  Plank and hold on instruction.  10 Diamond Merkins OYO
Sprint to cone.  Plank and hold on instruction.  10 Mountain Climbers IC
Turn around.  Sprint to middle cone (skip 1 so 50 yards).  Plank and hold on instruction.  10 Wide arm Merkins OYO
Sprint all the way to starting cone.  Plank and hold on instruction.  Plank jacks x 10 OYO

Next round – legs
Sprint to cone.  Al Gore and hold on instruction.  10 Squats OYO
Sprint to cone.  Al Gore and hold on instruction.  10 Lunges OYO
Sprint to cone.  Al Gore and hold on instruction.  10 Prisoner Squats OYO
Sprint to cone.  Al Gore and hold on instruction.  10 Jump Squats OYO
Turn around.  Sprint to middle cone.  Al Gore and hold on instruction.  10 reverse lunges OYO
Sprint all the way to starting cone.  Recover

Join Weedeater and Rousey.  Circle up.  Tight.  Everyone plank.  HOLD plank.  We would pull/tug the 3 coupons around the plank circle.  First clockwise.  Then counter.  Each coupon went each way 2 full rotations.  Great core and back and arm work.
Stand up.  Slightly bigger circle.
3 PAX have the coupons
5 curls of 40 lb sandbag
5 tricep extensions of 60 lb sandbag
5 upright rows of KB
Pass clockwise
If you don’t have a coupon, AMRAP air presses
This went on for 3 minutes and absolutely smoked everyone’s upper bodies.  Men were even taking off their gloves to have less weight to air press!!!


Count-O-Rama – 16 – 1 FNG (named LastCall by Flop for being related to YHC) and 4 DR
Prayer requests unspoken
Praise report by YHC for LastCall and how the whole situation has developed!

– Wow, well, this could also be a book as indicated above.  It was an amazing morning.  A great beatdown.  Strong #HIM all around.  God at work.  Great coffeeteria and fellowship as well!
– It was great to have a Bluegrass (from Manning) actually do something at a workout!  Our Bluegrass…well…
– Strong work by all the DR guys and all the PAX!!

– Check your emails for the ton of stuff going on in June!!!
HUGE 3 year anniversary convergence next Saturday, JUNE 9 0700 at #Warthog – Papa Smurf on Q!!!  DO NOT MISS
– If you wanna come at 0600, Rousey is soft launching #JudeeChop
– 2.0 Q needed for the season!  Let us know!!  We have a few thinking about it but they kinda want a co-Q.
– Sunday #TheDunes kicking off!! 52nd Ave N.  0600.  Handy Manny on Q.  Just what you all always wanted.  Burpees, Beach, Handy.
– Local CSAUP and Beach Day on Saturday the 16th!!



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