The only easy day was yesterday

The only easy day was yesterday

Workout Date:





Burgundy, Malpractice, Chicken Little, Cubicle, Flop

The Thang:

Chicken Little posted in a group chat last night that he was looking forward to what I had planned for today. I responded with it would be an easy day. As we moved thru the Beatdown today he said that it was not the easy day he expected. Of course its not… the only easy day was yesterday.

The Thang:



Imperial Walkersx12


LBAC, in reverse and OH Clapsx15 each

Today’s workout would take place at the stores close to the old Barefoot Church (not sure of the name of the place)

Combination of Mosey, Toy Soldiers, Squat Walk and Lunge walk to the stores and back

First exercise was to plank. Burgundy decided to tell a story while in plank so we held it till he finished. There were no more stories told during planks.

There are 8 benches on the sidewalk- 1 Dip and 1 Derkin at the first bench, add one at each bench. Back to the middle to plank

PAX were to pick a set of steps and 10 squats with toes up and then 10 squats with toes down OYO, rinse and repeat

Back to the middle for more plank

Back to the steps for 10 V-ups OYO then 15 Flutter Kicks in Cadence – Cubicle said he thought that this was going to be a leg workout not an ab workout.

Back to the middle for more plank

So we don’t disappoint Cubicle we head back to the step for 20 Calf Raises OYO and the infamous knee to ground exercise which has no name. 10 in cadence. Rinse and repeat.

Made it back to Flag just in time.


Christmas Party December 3rd.

Flop Out!