The Oyster has a lot more to offer than I knew!!!

The Oyster has a lot more to offer than I knew!!!

Workout Date:





Kiwi (Respect), Karma, Surf N Turf, Headgear, Bubbles, Weasel (QIC)

The Thang:

I decided to get my tail down and lead the newest AO in the area.  I went down the Oyster for my first workout there  during the Labor Day Double Down, but we only stayed at the field and i figured if these guys claimed how great this place was there had to be more than that.  I spent the night prior on Google Maps trying to see what was around the AO within a reasonable distance, but I was coming up short of ideas.  But I like variety and knew I could at least go to the pier and check that out.  I told myself I’d figure it out on the way.

The night before I also decided that I was going to tow the boat with me and go out of Murrells Inlet so i invited the Pax to go fishing afterwards, Headgear jumped on that but thats a whole different story for another time.  I arrived at the AO about 7 Mins early to try and come up with a better game plan.  Karma and Kiwi were there waiting for me, and we started chatting.  Apparently Karma didnt know I had filled the Q and he was also coming up with a game plan.  He had mentioned running to the different parks, and I stopped him right there.  I knew there was other stuff to do, so I told him that i needed him to take me around the AO to all the different hot spots and Ill throw something down at each one…  By the time we agreed the other Pax were walking in.

Time to get started…


LBAC x 15 fwd IC, LBAC x 15 rwd IC, OHC x 15 IC, Cherry Pickers x 15 IC  ( Everyone loved this much shoulders, i promise)

TTT x 15 IC, Good Mornings x 10 IC, SSH x 20 IC… Lets go

The Thang:

I ask Karma to take us to the first spot..  We mosey a few blocks down the road to an empty field surrounded by Rope.. Ok here we go.

Partner Up-  Partner A: AMRAP, while Partner B: AYG Sprint to last post and comes back.  Heres what we did

3 Rounds of Merkins

3 Rounds of Squats

3 Rounds of Big Boi’s

Heavy Breathing by all, but its only a 45 min workout so we have to keep moving..  I ask Karma to lead us to the next spot.  We mosey another Block over and end up at another park.  I found some picnic tables and we knocked out Step Ups x 20 IC and kept on trucking around to the Tennis Courts.

Double Court Agassis-  Each Pax started at the fence and ran to a line on the court and complete (1) Merkin.  Run back to fence then run to 2nd Line and complete (2) Merkins, Ect, Ect, Ect until we finish on the 10th Line with (10) Merkins.  If you guys havent tried this… Good Stuff.  Ok so mosey over the next door Kids Playgound.

Partner up again.  Partner A: AMRAP Pull Ups/ Partner B: Whatever the Foot in the swing crutch this is called.  We knocked out (1) Round and I made the call to mosey again since there’s still more to see.  We  “Native American Run” down the road to the Surfside Pier and head out on the beach.  I had planned on running south, but the pier was fenced off so we had to go back out, run up and through the pier to get to the other side.  So here we go..   We start off by Lining up perpendicular to the ocean and start Mosey’ing down the beach and i told the Pax that i would call out and exercise on the way to knock out while we go..

Mosey… Lunge Walk… Mosey…. Reverse Lunge Walk… Mosey…. Bear Crawl…  Mosey  at this point we only have about 6 mins left and we have to get back to the AO.  So Surf N Turf knew where we were at so we head to the 2nd Ave. Beach access up to the street.  This time I had Kiwi get up front to set the pace and the rest of us, while conducting a “Native American Run”, Dropped back did a Burpee and sprinted up to and fell in behind Kiwi.    We had 6 Blocks to go and the Pax pushed hard.  We stroll right back to the Flag with exactly 30 secs left.  Pax are catching their breath and I call Time!!

Awesome Work by all the guys, I got to meet Surf N Turf, I didn’t even know he existed, I think everyone was smoked.  I hope that I provided a decent work out, and you guys learned from me as much as I learned about the new Surfside AO.  If there were some parking decks it may even compete with Timeshare (But not really).  Kiwi is a beast and this is the second workout in a week he had to endure from me, and both i would say were some of my best work.

Name O Rama

Announcements- Freed to Bleed, 2nd F Calendar Posted, Fishing w/ Me and Headgear

Prayer Requests- Kiwis Son, Unspoken

Kiwi’s Motivational Prayer request alone was almost worth ending on, so i asked him to pray us out.

Great work by all, Honor to Lead






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