The P.A.L.M.E.T.T.O. 200

The P.A.L.M.E.T.T.O. 200

Workout Date:





Kitten, Texas Ranger, Humpback, Brown Bag (Respect!)

The Thang:

In what seems to be becoming a pattern for my Q’s at the Village, it was 43 degrees and rainy when I showed up. I gave the one-minute warning to myself as the other PAX enjoyed a last few seconds in the warm and dryness of their vehicles. At 5:30, they came racing over to me at the covered porch, where I gave the disclaimer. From there, we ran to the coupon pile, grabbed a coupon each, and ran to the covered area between the front and back buildings. For COP, we did:

20 ssh ic

15 ttt ic

20 iw ic

20 arm circles ic (forward and reverse)

For the remainder of the time, we partnered up for a Dora-style workout in celebration of the guys who did the Palmetto 200. While one partner exercised, the other partner ran back and forth between the two buildings twice.

Plankjacks: 200

American Hammers with coupon: 200

Lunges: 200

Merkins: 200

Exercise of each team’s choice (ssh for me and Brown Bag; LBCs for Texas Ranger and Humpback): 200

TTT: 200

Turkish get-ups: 200 (just kidding, we were running short on time and cut it down to 50)

Overhead presses with coupon: 200 (modified down to about 50-60 due to time)

At 6:15, I called time.


Dragon Boat race coming up and still need some help.

Try to come by and support the Pit Stop on a Saturday at 7:30. We’ve had a Kotter and FNG the past few weeks and it would be good to support those guys.

We closed with prayer and returned the coupons.


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