The Penultimate Kitten Q

The Penultimate Kitten Q

Workout Date:





Kitten (QIC), Beefsteak, Brown Bag (Respect!)

The Thang:

It was nice and muggy when I pulled into the parking lot at The Village. Brown Bag and Beefsteak were there waiting for me. As we waited to start, it was clear that some PAX must still be hurting from the Murph the day before, Memorial Day evening celebrations, or both. I gave the one-minute warning at 5:14, followed by the disclaimer at 5:15.

We kicked things off with a burpee Indian run around the AO (which is a lot of burpees when there are only 3 PAX). After picking up bricks near the end of the Indian run, we did a COP with:

20 MCs ic

20 shoulder taps ic

Brick Webbs

20 plank jacks ic

We concluded the arm work with an Indian bear crawl around the parking lot.

After circling back up, we did:

40 flutter kicks ic

40 Freddy Mercury’s ic

40 lbc’s ic

20 big boys oyo

Tabata sweat angels (I gave serious consideration to doing this with a brick in each hand… really glad I thought better of it)

With our bodies aching, we continued on with:

30 calf raises ic

30 lunges oyo

7’s with squats at one end and jump squats at the other

Indian lunge walk around the parking lot

3 sets of gassers

20 American hammers ic

At 6:00, time was called.

Announcement: Convergence on June 15 at Warthog. Kitten’s last F3 Grand Strand Q will be at the Village on June 18. Come if you’re in town!


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