The Plank – New AO Convergence

The Plank – New AO Convergence

Workout Date:



Castaway (The Plank AOQ)


Lombardi, Fergie, Jeter, Burgundy, Skimmer (R), Ms. Pacman, Candy Cane, Texas Ranger, Hedgehog, O'douls (Catapult AOQ), Skidmark, First Base, Pikachu, Rubber, Single Barrel, Sunshine, Tiny Dancer, ERC, Flash (Warthog AOQ), Beefsteak (Bombsquad AOQ), Killington, Hojo, Kiwi (R), Geno (R), Crankbait, Brown Bag (Nant'an, R), Castaway (Plank AOQ, QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: Beautiful morning, couldn’t ask for better weather

It felt almost like Christmas Eve night for YHC. Couldn’t sleep much the night before knowing what fun there would be had this morning showing off the new AO. What had started out as just a conversation between a few HIM has turned into a great opportunity to take advantage of one of the best locations in the region to have the boot camps we all know and love.

Arrived 30 minutes early since I had been up for what felt like a couple hours before the start time. Lights were off at the field. Once 0500 hit, it was as if the F3 Gods shined down on the new AO ready for it’s inaugural beat down!

Once the lights cut on, started to see one by one the PAX start trickling in. Once we were 5 minutes before start time, it was like the flood gates opened up with PAX showing up in groups of 3-5. By 0515, we had 26 PAX in attendance… Awesome!

YHC has had this weinke prepared for quite some time, looking at it the last few days just to make sure everything was perfect! Alright so here’s how it went….


Some leg stretches

15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Tempo Squads IC

10 LBAC IC Forward

10 LBAC IC Reverse

10 Cherry Picker IC


Once finished, each PAX lined up on the goal line for a round of Suicide Merkins.

Run to 10 yard line and back – two hand release merkins

Run to 20 yard line and back – four hand release merkins

Run to 30 yard line and back – six hand release merkins

Run to 40 yard line and back – eight hand release merkins

Run to 50 yard line and back – ten hand release merkins


Next, each PAX would partner up for a DORA workout. One partner would run to the 50 yard line and back while the other partner knocked out the reps. The reps and exercises to complete were as followed:

50 Burpees

100 Big Boy Sit Ups

200 Squats

300 LBC’s


Once finished, took a 10-count breather and headed for the bleachers. One of the many new elements of the AO to be utilized!

We started on the left side of the bleachers, each PAX taking a step at every step and going back down the same flight of stairs. Then jog to the next flight and do the same thing for the next three flights. Four flights climbed!

Now we had to make our way back to where we started. Switched it up for this next round, having each PAX take a step on every other step. Instead of going down the same flight you went up, we would jog to the next flight and go down. So only two flights climbed.


About 8 minutes left. Circled back up on the turf for several ab exercises led by YHC and a few PAX choice.


Stretched for the last 2 min.




Count-o-rama: 26!!!!




  • With the first beat down at the new AO complete, it was time to unveil the new name of the AO. YHC first started with a little background of what a Seahawk is. For those of you who didn’t know, Myrtle Beach High School’s mascot is the Seahawk which is a pirate NOT a bird. So that’s where the inspiration came from for the new name… The Plank!
  • Freed to Bleed May 12th
  • GrowRuck in a couple weeks



  • Unspoken


YHC prayed us out


Want to give a shout out to all of the HIM that made it out to the AO convergence, great push by all!

Also, big shout out to Sunshine and all of the other HIM that were part of assembling The Village back in 2017. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today!


Honor to lead!





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