The Village People Rock!

The Village People Rock!

Workout Date:





Crankbait, Sunshine, Skimmer, Skidmark, Boxcar, Kitten, Corkscrew (QIC)

The Thang:

WAIT, The title is about the Pax not the Disco Group! Wednesday I saw another shout out for a replacement Q due to family members sickness. I remembered having to do the same with my December sickness so I took the Q for The Village, which I have not posted at but knew a little about the AO. I worked on a workout with a few adjustments ready if needed. I arrived early enough to survey AO and I was ready…parked way away from where the Pax pulling in parked, but I was ready. I moseyed to their spot and it became clear that I would learn a few things which I will share as I write.

Conditions 34Degrees but calm

One Minute Warning


First thing I learned (being a car guy) everyone except Kitten(he ran from West of Waterway) was driving a Black truck or SUV #Pollencomingsoon

Intros and we began

Slaughter Starter

20 Burpees OYO        Learned not much mumblechatter from this group #whereshoser

WMill IC x25

TTT IC x25

LBAC IC x 25

Reverse IC x 25

Cherry Pickers IC x 25   Learned there are 2 variations of this exercise  #olddognewtricks

OHead press IC x 25

Mosey to playground area

11’s with 1 step up 10 BBoy situps to 10/1  Learn these guys are FAST #mightneedmore

Mosey back to parking lot

Ascending Bear crawl curb merkins ,1 merkin bear crawl to otherside for 2 and bearcrawl back for 3 etc up to 10   Learned this lot is bigger than Warhogs streets #alotofcrawls

Mosey to BBall court with cones set up


1 burpee run to next cone 2 burpees run back, run to next cone 3 burpees run back…and so on to finish at 7

Plank work with 30 sec holds

25 LBCs OYO   Learned to fill time #worksfine

Mosey back to lot for 2nd round of 11’s with 1 BBoy and 10 merkins while running across lot in between.

At this point we circled up for Mary but started with Stretch and Talk. Each Pax discussed how and when they started this F3 journey. Learned this is a close group #ehsomebody

Finished with a little Mary consisting of Freddy Mercs, Flutters and Hello Dollies

Time called   Learned BubbaGump ignores Dads text #kotterfartsacker

Count o Rama

Name O Rama

Announcements Get on Slack (worked for Skidmark) Dragonboats, HDHH 31st

Prayer request All Pax and families going through sickness, T&C family for loss and safe travels


I enjoyed meeting Pax  and traveling to a different AO but learning about our brothers was the MOST important thing I learned today #JUSTDOIT

Thanks for letting me lead!




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