#TheDunes Inaugural Beach Blast

#TheDunes Inaugural Beach Blast

Workout Date:





Handy Manny, Buffett

The Thang:

Pulled up to an empty lot at 5:50. Followed by Handy. Called one minute warning and got it fired up with a warmup duo with some SSH, IW, TTT and Windmills. Hit the ground running north on the Blvd towards the workout a stations that run from 56th-62nd. Hit 7/10 and continued a mosey up to 75th. Stopped for some plank time, and headed back south. Hit the sand at 56th and spent the remaining 10 minutes picking up trash on the beach back to 52nd.

Finished up with some core round of Mary and called time. Counted, N-O-R, praises and prayers for COT.

Enjoyed the first beach blast of the summer and looking forward to the next few months.

All got better.

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