This Is My Fight Song

This Is My Fight Song

Workout Date:





One Call, High Interest, Rousey, Weedeater, Billboard, Hoser, Valvano, Bluegrass, Peterbuilt, Geno

The Thang:

Conditions: 34 degrees and EARLY!!!!

YHC somehow got voluntold by One Call a few days ago that based on his lack of ruck workouts that he was going to Q Wave Rucker.  It sounded like a terrible idea to be at a workout at 4:30am on a Wed but I am never one to not accept a challenge.  So with that in mind it was time to start some chatter.  Thanks to greatness of Slack it wasn’t long before there were several HC’s and a few SC’s.  The final pre-workout tally was 10 HC plus a non-committal Geno (who did post) and Lombardi who couldn’t talk the M into passing on her workout (we all would have made the same decision).  So it was time to start planning.  I was given very little direction other than we like to get in at least 4 miles and a workout mixed in.  So I went to what I know and set up with some GoRuck elements: time hacks, coupons, a flag, and some PT.  So here is what went down.

55lb Sandbag
40lb Sandbag
25lb Kettle Bell
30lbs Bricks
5-gallon bucket of sand (It was by far a crowd favorite.  I have offered it as a standard for Wave Rucker in the future)
Extra Ruck with 20lb (Or whatever contraption that Hoser called a pack)
American Flag

2ish miles to Foodlion on 17 parking lot with all coupons
18 min to Shrine Ave 1st mile – Penalty is one 10 ruck burpees for every minute
Made this timehack in 17:34
17 minutes to Foodlion – Penalty casualty carry starting at 17 min mark
Made this timehack in 16:56
If we make both time hacks and can dump the 5 gallon sand bucket (which happened)
So we made both time hacks and were able to dump the bucket which quickly turned into a brick carrier.
Things we learned on the way:  Geno can’t carry a flag upright, Peterbuilt secretly loves the Gamecocks, Billboard hasn’t forgotten what a kettle bell is (although apparently he has forgotten when the workout is), One Call has a secret love for the Sand Bucket, High Interest has a ruck that may be battery operated,  Hoser has figured out how to turn a $100 GoRuck gift card into like 6 events, and Rousey is a work horse who is committed to never letting a workout go Un-Q’d.  

The Thang (all with rucks)
Merkins Countdown 5 to 1 (Rest plank)
Squat Countdown 5 to 1 (Rest airchair)
Ruck in the air Flutter Kicks in cadence
So after Hoser educated the group on an “Angry Pirate” and an Unnamed member of the group (name removed for his safety) agreed to try it with his M; the mood got a little serious.  Discussion was had in regards to our brother Gremlin from Mint Hill, NC.  Reminders were given that none of know when our time will be up and we need to enjoy every minute we have. Let’s all keep Gremlins family and friends in our prayers.

2 miles back
35 minutes with all coupons less the sand in the bucket
Penalty is casualties starting at 35 minutes
No stopping on this segment of the morning.  We did receive some stairs from several passer-bys and one old man still hasn’t figured out what we were doing.  We learned on this leg of the adventure that Valvano has the second highest collection of rucks in the group (4 vs yhc who for some reason has accumulated 5), Weedeater can make a block of bricks and a bucket sound like a metronome, Bluegrass may need marriage counselling soon after he finishes buying his bike, ruck, and kettle bells (F3 is FREE), and for some reason Geno has FIGHT SONG downloaded on his phone.

I really did have a great time with these men on a cold early morning.  F3 again proves the value it has as 11 men met and worked out before most men were out of bed.  I believe each of us made ourselves and our brothers better because of our work.  We all have experienced the magic of F3 and even though YHC has been missing workouts lately due to work travel and honestly a lot of fartsacking; it was great to be back.  I think Wave Rucker will become crowd favorite soon and I look forward to being a part of several workouts to come.

Lots of stuff coming up including Men’s Bible study.  Check the website events tab for all details.  The overall message is get involved in something; CSAUP event, Bible Study, Happy Hour, Lunch, etc


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