This one is for you

This one is for you

Workout Date:





Kitten, Varsity and Buffet

The Thang:

Conditions: Cold, damp with ominous rain clouds.

This was YHC’s first Q at this recently launched AO and I wanted it to be a good one since there was much time/effort/prayer to establish this site.  Seeing the weather report of intermittent (but frequent) rainfall combined with colder temps., YHC attempted to encourage other PAX the day prior to post even though there might be an opportunity to #Fartsack.  Heck, YHC even acquiesced and advertised that the 70lb bucket (aka bucket of suck) was not going to be in play.  Kitten showed first as the reportedly lone (but studly) runner from Hulkimania, then Varisty (ready for Rousey round 2); and then Buffet (who was waiting at #Bombsquad AO — lol).

More importantly this was a tribute to my SIL who passed away from cancer October 2016.  This Sunday would have been her 49th birthday.  Too young to leave us and cancer does suck.  Her name is Kimberly M. Gates; she is enjoying a series of infinite birthdays on the other side of Eden.  A loving, selfish but ohh stubborn gal (rain be damned)…the work out (being in same fashion) went like this:

Warm Up: IC – SSH, TTT, WM, MC, LBAC (forwards and back) and OYO – 20 Burpees.

Modified DORA 1-2-3 style work out:

K = Kraken Burpees (1 burpee with 3 hand release Merkins) – 50 per crew.

I = Imperial Squat Walkers – 200 1ct.

M = Mountain Climbers – 200 4ct.

M = More of 1 again (Kraken burpees) 50.

G = Global Warming – Circled up and all PAX held Al Gore, moved CCW for one revolution and then a PAX call out a 10-rep exercise, RR until all PAX named their exercise.

Time.  Abbreviated COR, NOR and announcements.  See regional website for details of big events this month (tomorrow’s Christmas Party, 12/13 re-launch of WaveRucker at WH, 12/16 convergence ugly sweater theme at WH, Operation Sweet Tooth, and other 2nd Fs & CASUPs in months to come).  YHC prayed us out.

NMMS: Brothers thanks for indulging my tribute this morning and hope that you left with your WOD box checked.  Please keep my SIL’s familiy in your prayers – aye.  The Kraken burpees were awful and #MerlotSplashing was becoming a possibility (at least for me).  Kitten: thanks for waiting until we were about done to tell me there was a shelter (dryer place) that was available — you had that all planned!  Varsity: crushed it again brother!  Buffet: we slew the Kraken!

There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the older things have passed away. (Rev. 21:4)

Aye! Rousey


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