Those are some nice pallets

Those are some nice pallets

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Whittle, Billboard, Weedeater, Flash, Handy Manny, Vitamin D, Quaker, Skimmer, Ricardo, Fly Over, Peach, Goldberg, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

One Minute Warning Given
Disclaimer Given
Conditions: around 48 degrees

As is usual I had an upcoming Q so there was some chatter on slack about it being an easy Q and a good kotter Q. I love it when the group starts this kind of mumble chatter, there is nothing more motivating than a great group of guys you respect and admire talking a little smack to get you going. I always spend more time on a weinke once someone has called me out on social media or made a comment about a Q being weak, the friendly banter is really what pushes me to get better with each Q. I think most of us are the same way, a little talk on slack or twitter and we are spending an hour on a weinke rather than just winging it the morning of. This accountability is what keeps the workouts moving forward and keeps new ideas circulating rather than everything being stagnate and pax getting routine oriented. For this workout I decided that I wanted to use pallets so that was the starting point. Handy brought his pallet routine to Riviera one day that I was there and it was one of the toughest beat downs I had done in a while. I really wanted to mix in a little kettle bell activity as well with this so I set it up as a relay type of exercise. I was limited because I only had four 40lb KBs and 4 pallets so it was going to have to be teams of 4 regardless of the number of pax. I had a few other KBs but I didn’t think doing AMRAP for an extended amount of time with the 70lber or 80lber would be feasible for anyone other than maybe Billboard. The sprint routine at the end of the beat down is now one of my favorites, not sure everyone else felt the same way but in my opinion there is no better way to build stamina than maximum effort sprints at the very end of a beat down when you are already smoked.

We began with a fast cadence COP:
1. 25-SSHs IC
2. 15-Wind Mills IC
3. 10-Merkins OYO
4. 15-Imperial Walkers
5. 10-Merkins OYO
6. 15-Hillbillies IC

7. Mosey to the large parking lot on the other side of the church

Pallet Push relay
I tried to work out a way to involve pallets with a relay style workout but because we had a limited number of pallets and I didn’t know how many Pax would show I had to just plan it as it went. The number of pax ended up being 13 so there was no way to make that work other than have one person rotate down the line, Billboard was gracious enough to volunteer for that. The idea of this was to have 3 pax on a team (4 for one team) and they would be across the parking lot from each other. For the teams of three 1 pax on one side and 2 pax on the other, for the team of four 2 pax on each side. Everyone started the exercises when I said go, one person started with the pallet push to the other side while one pax did AMRAP burpees and the other pax did AMRAP 40lb kettle bell shoulder presses. If your team had a fourth person you added in Turkish get ups. The idea was that each person would have one round at each exercise to complete a set. It took a set or so for everyone to get use to what I was trying to do as it was a little confusing but we got it and everyone began putting in work.

1. Pallet Push Relay 3 sets with KB Shoulder presses
2. Pallet Push Relay 1 set with KB Swings
3. Super Sevens
a. Skiers
b. Jump Squats
4. Pallet Push Relay 2 sets with KB bent over rows
5. Super Sevens
a. Merkins
b. V Ups
6. Pallet Push Relay 1 set with KB Clean and Press
7. Pallet Push Relay 1 set with KB Swings

Mosey to the soccer/football field

8. Interval Sprints
a. 30yd Sprint 70yd Mosey
b. 40yd Sprint 60yd Mosey
c. 50yd Sprint 50yd Mosey
d. 60yd Sprint 40yd Mosey
e. 70yd Sprint 30yd Mosey
f. 80yd Sprint 20yd Mosey
g. 90yd Sprint 10yd Mosey
h. 100yd Sprint
i. 90yd Sprint 10yd Mosey
j. 80yd Sprint 20yd Mosey

Mosey to the shovel flag

1. 25-Flutter Kicks IC
2. 10 Big Boys OYO
3. 15-Low Country Crabs IC
4. 10-Peter Parkers IC
5. 10 Big Boys OYO

Announcements: International Drive Road race coming up, get signed up. Check the website and social media for announcements and updates.
Prayer Request: Peaches friends, Joe Huffman (lost father)
Prayed for the group.

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