Thousand Rep Beat Down at Bombsquad

Thousand Rep Beat Down at Bombsquad

Workout Date:





Quaker (R), Beefsteak (BS AOQ), Burgundy, Baby Weight, Tiny Dancer, ERC, Texas Ranger, Sunshine, Pork (FNG!!!), Elsa, Castaway (Plank AOQ, QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: Beautiful morning in the gloom


So last night I was feeling a little ambitious with the workout planned for this morning. Thought to myself “we should totally go for 1,000 reps tomorrow”… So I woke up this morning and reviewed the weinke & thought “there’s no way I can Q a 1,000 rep workout”. So to say I was a little worried about how this morning was going to go was an understatement, and come to find out we had a FNG posting this morning too! Hopefully this beat down won’t scare him away!


After giving the disclaimer, we started with some warm up exercises:


SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 15

THE Through The Tunnel x 15

Tempo Squat x 15

LB Arm Circle Forward x 15

LBAC Reverse x 10

Cherry Picker x 10

Overhead Press x 10


Next we mosey over to the baseball fields to begin the workout. Brought the boom box and the dry erase board with the exercises to be performed. So here’s how it went:


4 rounds with 25 reps of each exercise



Bench Dips


Left Leg Lunge

Floyd Mayweathers

Right Leg Lunge

Freddie Mercury

Mtn. Climbers

Homer to Marg

10 exercises, 25 reps each exercise, 250 reps per round


Strong work by everyone there! We were able to complete all four rounds with about 5 minutes to spare!


Once finished we circled up next to the shovel flags and stretched for the remaining time.


Next order of business was introducing the FNG! Wilson Gandy (he’s got a cool first name) told us about himself and why he decided to give F3 a try. We deliberated for about a minute before we came up with his F3 name…. Pork! Not going to get into too much detail of how the name came about, it’s one of those that’s best told in person. Anyways, welcome Pork!


A lot of announcements this morning, here’s what I remember, sorry if I missed anything:

  • Freed to Bleed, July 16th, sign up on the app or website
  • Tomorrow at Catapult, Q 101 led by Brown Bag
  • Sasquatch event at F3 ENC, July 31st, clown car to the event
  • A lot of VQ’s coming up soon, make it a priority to make it out there to support these HIM taking the next step in their F3 journey!


Shout out to Sunshine for finishing up his 76 page essay for his Pediatric Chiropractic Certification!




Honor to lead!



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