Time to get the Beach Abs Ready!

Time to get the Beach Abs Ready!

Workout Date:





Madison ( Area51), Bubbles, Stewy, Franklin, Corkscrew (QIC)

The Thang:

The Thang

Conditions Very Nice 71 Degress

YHC began the day looking at the temp and what did I see? 71 degrees….Wow, 30degress warmer than Tuesday’s Beatdown. I arrived at Warthog at 510 and there were no cars meaning the Ruckers were resting for the BIG event this weekend or met elsewhere to get in last minute training, either way the numbers may be light today I thought. As I sat reading my work emails, yes my first was timestamped 4am, aan unfamiliar car pulled up. I stepped out to meet and greet F3Madison from Area 51 and up pulls bubbles followed by Franklin and Stewy. 5 pax  would be a boring Dora so I quickly decided on my backup, which every good Q should have!

1 Minute warning



10 Burpees OYO

SSH x25 IC

IWalkers x 25 IC

5 Burpees OYO

TTT x 25 IC

Windmill x25 IC

5 Burpees OYO

LBAcircles IC x25

Reverse IC x25

Overheadclaps IC x25

Mtn Climbers IC x25

Mosey to tables

Three headed Monster, 10 Merkins, 10BigBoy sit ups, 10 Box Jumps.  9 Merkins, 9 Bigboys, 9 Box jumps…..all the way down to 1

Wall sit for undetermined time

Mosey to Mount Myrtle

11’s Big Boy Sit ups at bottom and CDDocks at top.

Plank and discuss Stepping up to positions of leadership at AO

Mosey to Bridge and Lunge across

AB work with YHC calling out exercises

Back to Bridge to reverse lunge across

circle for Mary

YHC started with Worst Merkin Ever, 1 Wide 1 Reg 1 Diamond , 2 wide 2 reg 2 diamond 3 Wide 3 Reg 3 diamond and all Pax agreed this is the worst

Pax choice once around with Abs being the focus

Mosey to Cars

Count o Rama

Name O Rama

Announcements and Prayer request

Prayer and Time


I always enjoy leading such great men and love the mumble chatter and discussions we have as we get better. Thank you for letting me lead!


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