Timeshare 4/14

Timeshare 4/14

Workout Date:





Cubbie, Viagra QIC

The Thang:

Cubbie and I were both kind of prepared to put together a Q so had one that Beaker and I did Thursday that we didn’t finish due to time so it was a winner.

20 SSH’s IC, 20 IW’s IC, TTT IC, Stretch Right over left leg then switch to left over right. 20 Tempo Merkins IC, 15 Box cutters IC, 15 Floyd Mayweather

Mosey to parking deck on Ocn. Blvd.

1st level 10 Merkins

2nd level 20 BB situps

3rd level 30 FK’s

4th level 40 LBC’s

5th level 50 Squats

6th level 60 Air presses while holding peoples chair on wall.

Repeat same reps back down.

Mosey to OD via Beach Front.

Paint the lines, Burpees on every other Long line.

Time for a little Mary.  20 Russian Twists. 5 Burpees OYO

Mosey back to AO.

Cubbie prayed us out.  Prayed for world peace with recent Turmoil in middle east.

Got Better.  Always a pleasure :-]

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