Timeshare for Two

Timeshare for Two

Workout Date:





Viagra (QIC), Cubby

The Thang:

I got a group text from Beaker Friday Evening stating that he would be “Smartsacking” which meant he was fighting a virus.  Not the flu fortunately. I replied, ” I will wing a Q. Who’s in?” No response for the rest of the night.  It was looking like a potential no-show.  I figured I would show up just in case someone, maybe someone from down range would show up.  Just as I’m ready to leave the house there is a text. “On the way now” It was Cubby.  Great. Now I wont have to do 45 minutes of Al Gore alone. I borrowed a 4 corners routine that Corksrew had mentioned days before. Thanks by the way.  I just added some stuff to make an hours worth of fun.  Cubby rolls in and we begin about 5:18

20 SSH’s IC,  20 IW’s, 20 TTT’s, 20 LBAC’s, 20 reverse, 20 OHC’s

Mosey across the street to nicer parking lot for 4 corners. Hope this copy and paste works.

Corner 1

10 Burpees

20 BigBoy situps

30 Merkins

40 squats

Bear Crawl to Next Corner (about 20 yards)


Corner 2

10 Turkish Get-ups

20 Wide Merkins

30 Shoulder Taps

40 LBC’s

Toy Soldier Walk to Next Corner


Corner 3

10 Diamond Merkins

20 Lunges RTCT Only

30 American Hammers RTCT Only

40 MTN Climbers RTCT Only

Run Backwards to Next Corner


Corner 4

10 Jumping Spider Merkins

20 Jump Squats

30 Low Plank High Plank (Crowd Favorite)

40 Side Straddle Hops

Broad Jump to Next Corner   Yes!!!!!!! it worked.

Mosey to Horseshoe on Ocean Blvd.

Dora 50 Merkins, 100 LBC’s, 150 squats

One partner runs to beach and back while other pax does reps

11’s.  We used walls on either side of lot. 10 dips, 1 Derkin – 9 dips, 2 derkins ect. shoulders smokin at this point.

Mosey back to AO. Time for a little Mary

5 Burpees OYO, 25 FK’s IC,20 RT’s  Time up.

Announcements ( 2nd F this Wed. 5 o’clock at Filet’s Little River.) Hwy 31 to Hwy 9 , Sea mntn hwy across swing bridge.

Prayer requests for people to stay healthy amidst all the sickness out there and for more men to come out and embrace F3

Cubby prayed us out.



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