Timeshare’s blind date with Paula

Timeshare’s blind date with Paula

Workout Date:





SpringRoll, Cubbie, Crayola, Tooltime, Viagra, Barbie, JazzHands (Lake Norman), Roadie (Lake Norman), Sonar (Durham), Beaker (QIC)

The Thang:

With no one on Q after a long, long run of guest-Q’s YHC tried to elicit the PAX of NMB to step up to Q with the threat of Paula Abdul and the deck of death. Since this was unchartered territory for many, no takers.  So it was time for an introduction.

During the meet and greet, JazzHands gave his own disclaimer that his probability of retaining and fluids (and solids for that matter) in his GI track was minimal due to that night’s exploits.  A perimeter was set to avoid the potential affects of the predicted #merlotsplash.  (T-claps on winning the fight with the fartsack and the warning.)

With Crayola pulling in, 1 min warning was official.

Conditions:  Warm and humid.






Mosey to parking garage

The Thang (part 1)

Paula Abdul (“2 steps forward, one step back…” you remember it)

Run up 2 levels of parking deck, do 20 merkins and 20 LBC’s at top.

Run down 1 level, do 10 deep squats and 10x-4ct flutter kicks.

Rinse and repeat until you hit the top.

[Midway through Paula, Cubbie appeared obviously using is keen sense of smell to track the scent of manliness after running a penalty lap searching for PAX at the park.]

[stairs allowed if PAX needed]

30X flutter kicks on top.

The Thang (part 2)

Mosey to beach access at main st.  Grab a ledge.

Deck of death. (flip a card and due prescribed exercise as number given. Aces high.)

Diamonds = dips

Hearts = step ups (snafu added some HRMs to the mix)

Clubs = Carolina Dry Docks (CDD).

Spades = BBS

Got through about 1/2 a deck. Called on time.

[Somewhere mid-deck a yet-to-be-named PAX started barking at the bushes with violent vigor. #merlotsplashed  No it was not JazzHands who over-promised and under-delivered. ]

Mosey back to AO start.

Count-a-rama = 10.



Vote was taken and Timeshare PAX agreed to move weekday start times to 5:15 (start next week) with school year approaching.

Shirt order for original grandstrand shirts http://f3grandstrand.myrtlebeacheventmaps.com/regionnews/f3-grand-strand-original-trident-logo-swag-order-today/

Team Dad event Sept 19th http://f3grandstrand.myrtlebeacheventmaps.com/event/team-dad-riverside-elementary/


Galatians 5:1

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Context: Jews trying to force a religion on Gentiles, not a relationship with Jesus.

Don’t fall into the trap thinking that rules make a person right with God.

Don’t fall into the trap thinking your freedom in Christ allows you to break the rest of his commands.


Jazzhands led us in a shout-out to close.


Great to have the locals start out-numbering the visitors in NMB.  Nice to meet SpringRoll who hung in through to the end.  Always good to see a FNG post. Even better when the come back to the very next workout.  #Knotters to Barbie who I hadn’t seen mid-week in a while. Still waiting for the return of the pink shoes.  Cubbie is winning the battle with the fartsack but not the alarm clock. Crayola keeps surprising me in pushing through.  May have to supersize his water bottle to up the ante.  # coupon.  Tooltime is going to Q in the next few days, he just doesn’t know it yet.  Viagra still gets funky looks during the meet and greet.  New stories are starting to emerge on his F3name origin.  Maybe with the time change we’ll get some fresh Peaches out during the week.  Maybe not.  Been missing Iron Lung bunches.



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