Timeshare’s intro to Hillbilly Wankers – Olaf Guest Q!

Timeshare’s intro to Hillbilly Wankers – Olaf Guest Q!

Workout Date:



Olaf (Guest Q- The Fort)


Stork (DR), Tweetsie (DR), Cubbie, Barbie, Viagra, Schtinzel (DR), Beaker, Apollo (DR), Windmill (DR) Olaf (QIC)

The Thang:

A solid 10 HIM’s braved the frost and rolled out the fartsack to see for themselves if all the rumors were true about YHC.   This was my second time posting at timeshare and was anxious to see how the PAX had grown since my initial visit memorial day weekend which was only 6 weeks after the  AO launch.
Not gonna lie was a little concerned with my ability to Q after having to hold my youngest daughter the entire night BC she wasn’t digging her unfamiliar sleeping arrangements.  Never fear I tried to channel my inner Q strength and showed up early enough to AO to be nervous about the creepy van that was already there. 6:25 struck and into the cold we go. Disclaimer was disclaimed and warm-up was started. 34 SSH right out the gate  to honor fallen PAX dipsticks birthday followed by Moroccan night clubs and hillbilly walkers, demonstration required. Then mountain climbers, Peter Parker’s, Parker Peters and a long enough 6 in plank to make sure the pain senses were awake.
Then mosey over to the baseball field to test if the PAX can bear crawl for the cycle. See the exercisecon for details. Let’s just say it was a crowd pleaser.
Then on to circle of fire which was nice in the frost. Then circle of merkin followed by circle of monkey humpers before Dora of 50 burpees, 100 squats, and 200 big boysit ups. PAX finished strong with a few minutes  to mosey back to launch for a few PAX led exercises and Mary. Already shared the dirty angels with Lake Wylie PAX yesterday no surprise they quickly shared their equal hate.
Gents  it was great to see some familiar faces and noticeable improvement compared to initial visit.  Grateful for the opportunity to lead such a great bunch of guys and be apart of this crazy cult, as my M refers to it, we call F3.  Make each day count and #leavenodoubt.   I’m honored to say my first earned F3 patch was from F3Grandstrand.
Until next time stay frosty and give out some warm hugs.
Summary :

F3 Notes Timeshare 12302017

[ ] Arrive early to meet and greet

[ ] Circle up at 1 minute call so ready to start on time

[ ] Ask if any FNG’s

[ ] Who hasn’t led a workout?

[ ] Warm up SSH

Moroccan night clubs

Hillbilly walkers(wankers) #mumblechatter #demonstration needed

Mountain climbers

Peter Parker

Parker Peters –

[ ] Circle of merkins

[ ] circle of Monkey humper

[ ] mosey to baseball fields

[ ] Mission of F3 [ ]

Bear crawl for the cycle

[ ] 5 core principles

[ ] Ring of fire

[ ] Dora 50, 100, 200 Burpees, Squats, Big boy situps

[ ] Mosey back to launch

[ ] Mary called by PAX Dirty Angel to finish it off.

#Patch Earned.

~ #cobains on the late post.  Thanks for the great beatdown Olaf -Beaker


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