Timesharing with Slaughter

Timesharing with Slaughter

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Slaughter, First Base, Chicken Little, Quicksand, Chubby, Viagra, Manzel, Kiwi, Rocky Top, Hall Pass

The Thang:

Conditions– High 70s, muggy and humid, but no thunderstorms!

Since the Catapult Q sheet has been full, I decided to add myself to other AO Qs to make the rounds. Originally, Hedgehog mentioned a few weeks back he wanted to  check out Timeshare for the first time, so I said I would Q it and join him up there.  Unfortunately, COVID had other plans for his family, but God is good and they are doing well now!

I got home last night from a later swim at the pool and notice that F3 Nation’s Nantan, Slaughter, shouted me out on Twitter “that he was coming for me at Timeshare tomorrow” I’m not going to lie that the pressure was on a bit to positively represent F3 Grand Strand. Turns out there was no pressure at all and he is amazing guy who you can  truly see how passionate he is about F3!

I met Manzel in the parking lot first and others started rolling in. Good turnout at the vacation AO this morning!

I gave the one minute warning

Disclaimer was given and the mission was given. I emphasized the modification as needed since that is what we are all about at my home AO, Catapult.


20- Hairy Rockettes IC

15- Good Mornings

20 -IWs IC

20- Hillbillies IC

20- Tempo Squats IC

20- Plank Jacks IC

20 Shoulder Taps IC

15- Big Arms Circles IC

15- Chinooks IC

15- Big Arm Circles IR IC

15- Chinooks IR IC

After COP, I told the PAX that we will go down the ladder (but have to come up each time after each new exercise) with the following 12 exercises for The Thang:

1- Mosey to McMillians on Main Street and back (or 30 SSHs)- in between each set of exercises

2-20 LBCs

3- 15 Merkins

4- 25 Squats

5- 25 2ct Flutters

6- 20 Calf Raises

7- 20 Dry Docks

8- 20 2ct Mountain Climbers

9- 25 Hello Dollies

10- 20 Lunges

11-  25 Shoulder Taps

12- 12 Catapult Burpees- I demonstrated the Catapult burpee to Slaughter while moseying down Main Street


After most completed by 6:50am, we circled up in COP and did a Burpee circle. While one PAX is doing 5 burpees, the rest of the PAX are doing AMRAPS of 5 big boys, 5 merkins and 5 squats until it’s their turn for the burpee set. The set is done when the last PAX does his set of burpees.

30 Freddies IC




Announcements- Crabs VQ at Catapult (8/26), Freed to Bleed event/challenge (10/29), F3 Nation 10 yr anniversary at F3 Cape Fear- F3 GS was called out for having only 1 PAX signed, but I believe we had about 6 and indicated that I know some (hopefully including me) will go up for the beatdown on Saturday morning,  discussed the importance of F3, the passing on of some F3 PAX over the last year. I mentioned that God Loves Us ALL and we need to show that love to everyone regardless of division that keeps us apart.

I prayed us out- Manzel’s job interview on Monday, all F3PAX that have passed away, loving one another and unspoken prayers

Always an honor to lead gentlemen. Great to meet Slaugther and the new faces at Timeshare #ISI #HIM.



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