Tire flips for everyone!

Tire flips for everyone!

Workout Date:





Bling,Crankbait,Earlybird, Shatter, Mudslide, Gutterball, Beaker, Sunshine, Grunge, Kitten, Froyo, Quaker, Flyover, Onecall, Gepeto, Ditka

The Thang:

I rolled into into the AO on a much cooler than expected July morning around 4:45 to get the tire stations set up before PAX started to arrive!


25 ssh

5 burpees oyo

20 imperial walkers

20 overhead claps

20 TTT

Indian run around the building to the football field.  At this point I split the pax into teams of four so we could get started.  Each pax would sprint with a regular tire roughly 25 yards. 15 overhead press with tire, drop that tire then proceed to flip the bigger tractor tire 10 yards 20 merkins, flip it back 15 shoulder press with smaller tire sprint back pass tire off to next Pax!  Once completed that pax would run 2 laps around the football field then had the choice of LBC, BIG BOYS, FLUTTER KICKS, OR AMERICAN HAMMERS until all team members had finished!

Once completed we moved to the back parking lot where I had 4 cones roughly 25 yards apart.  Sprint to cone 1. 25 merkins sprint back.

Sprint to cone 2.. 50 squats run back.

Sprint to cone 3.  75 mountain climbers count each leg.  Run back

Sprint to cone 4. 100 SSH run back

after each round we would hold al gore on the 6.

2 lines Indina run back to the Flag


IT’S always fun to have the chance to lead.  It’s great to see new faces and old ones like Early bird who made it back out today!  Great work by all, we all got a little better today!



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