Tour of Timeshare

Tour of Timeshare

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Chewey, Hot Tub, Viagra, Tweetsy, Cubby, Huggy Bear (South Charlotte), Barbie, Bronco (Charlotte), YHC

The Thang:

Conditions: A tad bit chilly this Am in the gloom at just under 50 deg, but clear and a beautiful start to the day.  Yesterday YHC put it out to some of the PAX that I would clown car to Timeshare if anyone wanted some additional 2nd F.  Hot Tub and Chewey obliged, so we had some good convo on way to northern AO.  We arrived first and soon after others were rolling in.  This was Hot Tub’s first venture north I decided to show him my favorite parts of the AO.

1 min warning
Mosey to beach/ocean, while giving a guided tour of the famous “hot spots” of NMB yesteryear.  Mumble chatter mentions of my mouth running faster than my legs.  Whats that about? Jealous that I have stamina to run and talk at same time.

With sand between the toes and the sounds of waves lapping the shore,

Mountain Climbers 20 IC
22 Merkins OYO
Windmill 20 IC
Tempo Squat 20IC

Mosey to tennis courts: oops closed d/t construction!
Audible: 11’s under gazebo- step ups(each leg)/derkins

Mosey to baseball field
F3 baseball- Performed on a baseball diamond . Pax are divided into four teams (pairs). Each team starts at its own base. Teams must complete a cumulative number of reps of different exercise at each base, i.e. 30 reps per PAX, merkins at first, squats at second, crab cakes at 3rd, 15 burpees per PAX at home, and then move using different modes of transportation to the next base (mosey). Each time a team passes the base it started on, it gets a point. Team with the most points after 20 minutes or some other set time wins

Mosey to grassy knoll. Ascending 11’s of BBSU and two count Flutter kicks. i.e. 1/1, 2/2,…11/11.

Mosey to picnic shelter- 11’s, dips/ calf raises.

Mosey to shovel flag for 3 min of PAX Choice MARY i.e. W’s 15 IC., Amer Hammer 20 IC.


Announcement:  The typical, Dragon boat races, mud run in Cola, SC, 3rd F study at Waterway Palms every 2nd Tuesday

Prayers/Praise: Hot Tubs brother recovering from Sx, Viagra B-day tomorrow, Chewey’s father-in-law Dx of Parkinson’s,

T-claps to Barbie who led prayer.

Always a pleasure to lead!!  enjoyed fresh sites/smells and sounds of Timeshare!

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