Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

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Judge Judy, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

Yesterday for YHC was spent trying to stay awake at the office and stretching out sore and tired muscles and joints after a weekend in DC finishing the Marine Corps Marathon with Bling. Mid-afternoon I decided to update my sheet for the 1stF Challenge, which had taken a beating being DR for the last week and was contemplating taking today off to continue resting. But realizing it was Nov 1 and a new month meant a new chance at winning an incredible custom prize, I checked out the Q sheet to see what was going on. An opening at Catapult? The perfect treat for YHC on Halloween! The Q was grabbed, a plan formed, and call-outs placed on Slack and Twitter. All that was needed was PAX – or a PAX in this case to join me. Luckily, Judge Judy was planting the flag as YHC rolled in at 0510, because it seems as though the rest of the Catapult PAX decided to sleep off their candy-induced comas today.

SSH IC x 20
TTT IC x 10
Windmill IC x 10
Tempo Squats IC x 10
Tempo Merkins IC x 10
LBAC, Reverse, Seal Claps, OH Claps IC x 10

We started with a slow mosey to the coupon pile taking the long route past the concession stands to finish the warmup, grabbed a coupon pile, and circled (?) up under a light pole.

YHC had prepared a stack of index cards with common & uncommon F3 terms, abbreviations, and lexicon. On the back of each was a Trick and a Treat. Unfortunately for Judge Judy he was on his own personal trivia gameshow, but he held his own!

If you want to know what the workout entailed you’ll have to join me at Warthog on 11/3, WaveRucker on 11/7, The Plank on 11/10, or Sharknado on 11/14.

1. 1stF Challenge is still on-going. New month starts today with a new chance at winning an incredible custom prize!
2. December 3 Christmas Party
3. December 10 Scavenger Hunt – check Slack/Bling for info

Prayer Requests: Unspoken