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Hoser, Soft Shell, Bling

The Thang:

In honor of Mobile PD Sean Paul Tudor.  Got the workout off the GoRuck page.

Valvano was doing some recon the last few days and was very eager to hear upon his arrival to the AO.  We are still waiting VP.

pulled into Warthog at 0420- both Soft Shell and Hoser already there!  waited until 0433, as I knew the VP would be pulling in any second.  SIGH.

We got the bags ready and started.  We had 3 sandbags (100, 60, 58) and a 50 pound firehose!  New toy!  Grab all 4 coupons and walk to the bridge- this was a workout in itself!

1.1 mile Ruck- we took the firehose and traded off 1/3 mile back to bridge start point

31 merkins

20 deadlift with 100 pounder

20 clean & jerk with 60 pounder

20 back squats with 58 pounder

1.1 mile ruck with firehose- traded off again back to brdige

15 merkins

10 deadlifts

10 clean & jerk

10 squats

15 merkins.

Carried our toys back to AO.

TIME.  Hoser needed to be at the station a little earlier today, I needed gas, and Soft Shell has a 26.2 mile Star Course this weekend, so we were all good with shutting down 20 minutes early.  Solid push, heavy breathing, great fellowship talking about the Star course with Soft Shell.  Would have been great to hear Valvano’s perspective, but again, he still hasn’t shown up.


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