Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Workout Date:





Hojo, Candycane, O’douls, First Base, Rousey, Single Barrel, Pikachu( AOQ)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Condition: Low 60’s and perfect

So last month I took the Christmas Eve Q as I wouldn’t be on Vacation (out of town vacation that is) this year. With all the Covid stuff we just played it safe this year. We also decided to move the workout time up to 6:30. Give the pax a morning sleep in and maybe some of the Village Guys would double up. I was going to double up today but since I played golf yesterday I decided to give my back a break.  I wanted something fun and different for the guys. Nothing crazy with the workout but, a story. That’s what the workout needed. A Christmas story and well “Twas the Night Before Christmas” seemed to be the perfect foundation for an F3 themed twas the night before Christmas.

1 Minute Warning

Proper Disclaimer


15 Harry Rockets IC

12 Tempo Squats IC

12 Imperial Walkers IC

12 LBAC F, R, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps IC

12 Hillbillies IC


Mosey to coupon pile and grab a block and off to the large parking lot. Here we go!


Twas the night before Christmas and all through F3 every AO was huffing and puffing with Glee. The Pax committed in hopes that the Q would be there.

The men were wanting to stay in their beds but visions of an F3 beatdown was running through their heads.

Gas Pumpers 200

Rocky Balboa 200

When out in the parking lot there was allot of mumblechatter, I sprang into action the control the clammer.

The moon was setting and the sun was rising, when what to our wonder did appear was our Q with more exercises to calm the pax who were getting Angrily 

Iron Mike 100 Jump Squats

Never Cross Dolly 100

With a stud of a Q who is nimble and quick, everyone knew there was no way it could be Disconnect. To the delight of the Pax eyes as everyone could see, Pikachu was pulling out the weinke.

Now First Base, Now Hojo, Now O’douls, Now Rousey, On Candycane and Single Barrel.

Mosey away, mosey away, mosey away all!

Crucible Merkins 100

Hair Burners- Bear Crawl Block Drag. P1 begins with a block drag while P2 mosey down to the end of parking lot, back to fence and back to P1.

Carry blocks back to pile and circle up. Asked Rousey to lead us in three minutes of stretching.


Count a Rama – 7

Name o Rama


Freed to bleed Dec 30


Prayers: O’douls coworker, Kiwi

This was a fun Q. I think Pax were engaged in the story and the personal touch added to the workout. O’douls even wanted everyone to snuggle for story time up but no Pax took him up on the offer, especially after driving the badass minivan to the workout. He even reeved at three cylinders and 27 hp that sounded like a dying moped whining down 17 bypass going 32 mph. Merry Christmas O’douls and men of F3.





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