Udder Drops $2.75 in Nickels on Timeshare

Udder Drops $2.75 in Nickels on Timeshare

Workout Date:



Udder (Area 51)


Cubbie, Crayola, Viagra, Tooltime, Beaker, Mr. Clean (Whiteville), Pattimayo (Hickory), Udder (Area 51, QIC)

The Thang:

[Editors Note:  Since Udder didn’t send in a title, YHC figured out the math on the triple nickel that added up to 25 flights of stairs and 250 exercises hence the $2.75 figure. -Beaker]

7 stood around a gloomy shovel flag as the clock struck 5:30. Disclaimer done and off we go… wait, we have a last min arrival. 5 burpees on your own as we wait. All gathered up we grab the flag and mosey down the street to the regular parking deck. Plant flag and circle up.

COP in cadence
SSH x27 (panther win 27/17)
Imperial Walker x 15
(Dodge some early morning traffic)
Merkin x 10
Cherry pickers x 15
Mtn Climbers x 15

The thang
Introducing – The Triple Nickel. On each parking deck ramp run up and do 5x exercise, run down ramp and do 5x exercise. That’s one rep. Rinse and repeat x5 for a 5/5/5. Did 5 sets/floors. Exercises as follows.

Set 1

Set 2
Diamonds/R Leg Lunge

Set 3
Wide Arms/L Leg Lunge

Set 4
Stagger R Merkin/L Leg Reverse Lunge

Set 5
Stagger L/R Leg Reverse Lunge

Mosey between ramps/floors with karaoke and backwards runs to loosen it up. People’s chair w/air presses, plankorama and various Mary while we wait in six.

Find some stairs and grab the flag to head back to start. Stop halfway to catch-up the six and get in a few more merkins. Jack Webb up to 5/20. #crowdpleaser

Plant flag and one minute for Mary. American hammer x 15

Merkin count = 160ish

Riviera (Conway) starting Saturday workouts 6:00-7:00 this weekend (Aug 12th).

New website is up.   Fill out form on new website (www.f3grandstrand.com) or contact AOQ if you want to grab a Q.

F3 will be at “Team Dads” event at Riverside Elementary (NMB) Tue Sept. 19th. Need 4-8 PAX to help.  Contact Beaker.
F3 Expansion started the give to give campaign to help fund plants in new cities across the nation.  Check out web/twitter on how you can help.

Prayers for Ringo (marriage) and Mr Clean (knee)

Coffee moleskin: 8 solid pax ranging from early 20’s to mid 50’s. The F3GS pax are strong in numbers and influence. Evidenced by the running/flying EH performed on Tuesday at Timeshare. #sadclown got away but the seed was planted and if anyone will help grow that seed, its these fine men of F3GrandStrand. PattiMayo was out front. YHC was trying to keep up but this bearded beauty is fast. Beaker, Cubbie, Tool Time and Viagra all push hard and each other. Encouraging to see these regulars and their friendship as they grow this workout. Crayola is solid and pushes hard. Keep it up brother. Just like Beaker said, “I don’t think this ever gets easier. You just kinda get used to it.” Mr. Clean was in from Whitesville. Strong work even though his knee keeps him from running a lot.

I’d heard about some patches and I was not disappointed with what followed. Patches are given to guest Q’s in honor of F3GS fallen brother Dipstick.  A little twist is thrown in to “earn” it. You’ll just have to post and Q to find out what it is. 🙂 #redpill taken. Now on to the day. YHC took us out in BOM.

Thanks again Beaker for holding down this new AO. A pleasure to lead as always.

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