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Penelope, Mr. Jingles (RESPECT), Geno, Lil' Knob, El Red Cardo, Billboard, Screamin' Eagle, OneCall

The Thang:

74.  Nice

Wolverine is outta town so YHC gladly took the Q.  We have had some new blood the past few weeks, so the #weinke was written to hit every body part without a lot of “dynamic” KB movements that take a bit to master – don’t want any injuries.  Glad that happened as we had 2 KB 1st timers and 2 2nd-timers.  Plus, Geno was there and he still has bursitis.

1 minute warning
Disclaimer – modify as needed and be careful.  Ask if you have questions on form
Standard additional modification – as you work through the bells, if you get to a weight you find too heavy for the exercise, do deadlifts!!!
Also, if you are waiting for a KB or need a breather, do LBC’s

The Bells
2 x 20
2 x 30
2 x 40
2 x 50
2 x 80
150 (Bling is outta town and had this with him)

Exercises would be done in kinda complimentary pairs

Good mornings and Goblet Squats
Hold the KB tight to the chest
Loosen up, work the lower back and hammies and then the quads on deep squats
At each weight, do 10 reps of each exercise – don’t double up on weights where there are 2

Swings all the way through – 1 arm or 2 – hit each of the 13 bells – 8 reps at each

Calf Raises and Curls
Each bell – 10 reps of each exercise at each
Do any curl exercise you want – concentration, outter, inner, hammer, regular.  As you get heavy – do a 5 second negative
SMOKED the calves and bis – lots of reps

Bent over rows (1 or 2 arm) and Tris (1 arm or 2 arm extensions – as you get heavier do Diamond merkins on a bell)
Each bell – 10 reps of each exercise at each
Lots of reps again!!

Line up – grab 1 or 2 KB’s
Farmers Walk em to the sidewalk and back

Grab a bell and circle up
We are gonna do 20 presses of the KB you grabbed and do flutters.  Count the presses and keep the legs fluttering
YHC intended 1 round, but Penelope realized he grabbed too heavy a KB so he switched with Geno.  Well, the fact is it was NOT too heavy for Penelope, he was just being soft.  SO, YHC had everybody pass the bells they just had to the right – thus giving Penelope back his original bell – for 20 more.  And of course, he smoked it.  Sometimes it just takes your buddy or the Q to push you that little bit more!!

Count-O-Rama – 8
Prayer requests for Pert Plus adoption/travel
Prayer requests for Bling and HTL
Prayer requests unspoken

– #BeachBells is AWESOME
– Great having new blood there seeing what we do – I continue to be amazed at just how much stronger, faster and better Lil Knob is than his dad.  (HA!)  Seriously – it is AWESOME to see a father I think a lot of and his son coming out together (although they missed #WaveRucker) and pushing one another with some friendly and loving competition!!  El Red Cardo did a very strong job his 1st time out!!  Screamin’ Eagle moved up with some weights and did a great job “getting out of his comfort zone” to make himself better!!  Soon he will be a in tank top!!!  Mr. Jingles is back in full force.  Bootcamps, #WaveRucker, #BeachBells.  All over everything.
– Really enjoyed getting back to some basic large muscle mass movements and then chugging a protein shake and then watching our muscles grow – speaking of which – Billboard gets bigger by the second.  It’s insane.  Next week we will need a small car for him to press as the bells are not enough.
– Penelope was pushing the heavy weights all around today!!  Nice work!
– Everyone looked much bigger when they left than when they arrived!
– Per the title, at some point Penelope tells us to look up.  We see a screaming object flying through the sky.  Very very cool.  Penelope thought it was the space station.  Then he wasn’t sure.  Then he was.  Then he said it was a UFO.  Then people debated the existence of aliens.  Then Penelope said everything is a UFO until you know what it is!!!  #MikeDrop!  That’s the truth.

– Hoser on Q Saturday at #Warthog – football and/or ultimate frisbee; 2.0 friendly
– #TheRepublic kicks up with Saturday boot camps again this Saturday.  Peach heading it up.  0700-0800 under the water tower (normal spot)
– This Saturday, Handy Manny leading #3rdF study at #Warthog from 0545-0645 before the beatdown – Authentic Manhood – 33 series
– Peterbilt is Q’ing #BombSquad Saturday – it’s been a minute since he was on the sheet
– #JudeeChop cancelled for tomorrow – Rousey has been called to action by Chuck Norris
– Next Wednesday – #WaverRucker will be from 0530-0700 with a July 4 theme ruck workout.  Then #Warthog will “open” at 0700 for #TheMURPH
– Missional AO starting with Kitten as AOQ – check it out here 


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