Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence 2020

Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence 2020

Workout Date:



BrownBag and Headgear


BigWheelz, KickSix, Goldberg, Jingles(R), Franklin, Diesel(2.0), SiteWork, PapaSmurf(Rx3), Methane, ColonelSanders(Rx2), Blue(FNG), FedEx, RunOff, SuperDave, Hoodwinked (FNG), OldBay, Cavalier, SingleBarrell, ERC, SkidMark, Poe, Weasel, ChickenLittle, RainBird(R), Flash, FirstBase, Odouls, McGruff, Pikachu, StrapLock, Quaker(R), Skimmer(R), BrownBag(R), Tailgate(2.0, FNG), Dunkin(2.0, FNG), HighAce(2.0), Boxcar, Caboose(2.0, FNG), Rubber, OrangeTheory(2.0), Flyover, Spork, Mudslide, Bling, Geno, OneCall, Weedeater, Hamburglar, Sleepy(R), Rollup, CheezyBiscuit, Heisenburg, Lombardi, Karma, HongKongPhoey, Rousey, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:


AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Cold and Clear.  30 degrees with a feels like temp of 26 degrees.   This is cold for us South Carolina PAX!

UGSC (Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence) is something the PAX look forward to each year!  This year YHC was honored to have the opportunity to take part in leading the PAX of The Republic and GrandStrand

BrownBag kicked off the beatdown with a good warmup.

YHC picked up the Q 10 minutes in:

Merkins x25

2 Mosey Laps around the AO

Split into 4 groups for 4 corners around the big parking lot.

4 Corners x3 Rounds

Round 1: Merkins x25 —> BearCrawl —> WideArmMerkins x25 —> Sprint —> HandReleaseMerkins x25 —> Lunge Walk —> CarolinaDryDocks x25 —> Sprint

Round 2: Lunges x25 —> BearCrawl —> SquatJumps x25 —> Sprint —> ReverseLunge x25 —> LungeWalk —> SquatJumps x25 —> Sprint

Round 3: BBSUs x25 —>BearCrawl —> FlutterKicks (2ct) x25 —> Sprint —> LBCs —> LungeWalk —> AmericanHammers x25 —> Sprint

Mosey to the back lot and split into 2 groups (almost even). Each Group will split itself with half the PAX at the light pole and the other half at the starting point at the fence.

SantaSack Races: Each Group will have a 40lb SantaSack and a 60lb SantaSack.  2 PAX from each group will each grab a SantaSack and both will run down to the light pole where 2 PAX from their group will take the SantaSacks and run them back to the start point.  The rest of the PAX will perform SSHs while waiting their turn.  Rinse and Repeat for 12 minutes.

Back to the big lot and circle up.  AOQs to the Center…Karma forgot he is an AOQ.  Where’s Spork?? Getting Coffee…sweet…he better hurry!  Let’s go.  AOQs will call out exercises for the last 6 minutes with 25 reps max…which quickly changed to 12 after Karma started with 25 burpees trying to take all the time up.  SiteWork, KickSix, Pikachu, Flash and Karmaled the PAX through some more PT with Flash finishing us off with 12 burpees before time was called.

Count-O-Rama:  54 +HongKongPhoey (had to leave early) + Rousey (IR and showed up after count-o-rama)

Name FNGS:

BrownBag’s 2.0s came along for the fun and were named Tailgate and Dunkin.

Boxcar’s 2.0 named Caboose

TheRepublic’s FNGs were named Blue and Hoodwinked.

Announcements: Rollup’s Canned Food Drive.  FreedToBleed, Dec 30th 1100-1700 at Carolina Forest Rec Center.  GrowRuck 22 April 30-May 2nd.  LendARuck – $25 to use a Rucker from now until after the event.  See Cubbie for info.

Prayers led out by SiteWork

Coffeeteria on site courtesy of The Republic brining those great Trestle Bakery donuts and Spork running out for Coffee mid beatdown to be sure it was still hot when the PAX finished up!

It was a great time! Always great to see TheRepublic PAX and others that we aren’t used to seeing regularly!  Hope the SantaSack Races were enjoyed by all.  If you can carry those SantaSacks, you can get ready for GrowRuck22!  Signup and join us for the fun!  Merry Christmas!

Always an honor!


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