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Goldberg, Peach, Magnum, Grass Patch, Saved by the Bell, Stuffed Crust, Etch a Sketch

The Thang:

455AM… YHC rolls in, Turns up some Queen, hits repeat button and begins the process of GETTING HYPED!

510AM… The PAX begin rolling in… with Magnum coming in hot at 514AM.

515AM… Welcome, Disclaimer and BOOM… We began to get ULTIMATE!

I’m gonna simplify this BB as I simply don’t remember the order of every exercise today, as we did many different ones, and I may not even remember what exercises we did! It was all a blur after starting with 35 turbo SSH and 25 turbo thru the tunnels.

Next, I think… we planked, shoulder to shoulder and bear crawled, one PAX at a time, back and forth to the front of the line until we had made it to the other end of the parking lot. This seemed like a good idea, as I had noticed a huge island that we could have some fun with over that way, so I figured instead of moseying…  we could bear crawl to it.

Next, We planked again… shoulder to shoulder, and each PAX, from the back jumped over each PAX legs until we got back to the other side of the parking lot via the island.

Next, Olympic Style sprint relay with losing team doing 10 burpees, winning team doing 5. It wasnt close… that’s all I’ll say… do to possibility of lost friendships.

Next, We quick feetied in a circle, and did drop down merkins while each PAX got a taste of the 25lb HYPE weight. We continued until each PAX had pushed some weight to and fro the island and back…. probably 20yds each way.

Next, I brought out the UnderQuaker! Long story short… we did 28 burpees, 52 Turkish get ups, and the totals get much higher than my Conway High Math Education… but also included were BBS, Hand release Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, American Hammers and much more. It’s just hard to explain… you’ll see… in do time.

Next, We each sprinted, one at a time for 50yds while hollering out a workout for the PAX to do while you ran. Rinsed and repeated.

Next, Modified 21s do to time constraints.

I called it 8s.

We did 8 merkins, ran to island and did 1 big boy. 7 then 2, 6 then 3 etc… all the while the weight was being pushed back and forth, and passed from PAX to PAX on down the line. EPIC!

Next, we circled up for some Mary… exercises were called while YHC grabbed his cellular device.

558AM… HC, I then thanked the guys for allowing me to lead and spoke about what f3 means to me. We made announcements… Sat. Convergence at Warthog!! Following Sat. Beach Run, family day. Second F at 3guys in Conway today.

Prayer requests were made. And YHC prayed us out!

Each man got better today! Thanks for allowing me to lead. Until next time, from parts unknown… Stay ULTIMATE!

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