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One call, bling, Penelope, high interest

The Thang:

YHC was overly excited for this particular Q due to a specific word that YHC mentioned stupidly on Slack. VANITY TOP.  I paid for that comment. So I wanted to make sure the PAX did as well. The back was feeling better so I figured we would put in a good workout for the day.

Weather was a balmy 61 degrees but felt more like 90 in the parking garage.

In attendance was 2 20lbs, 2 30lbs, 2 40lbs, 2 50lbs, 80lbs, and the infamous 100lber.  YHC said we might as well throw the 20lbers away we won’t be needing those.


Grab a bell of any weight it doesn’t matter which one we would be rotating the entire workout. Complete as many swings until YHC says stop.  We did that for all the weights and most should have gotten. Between 15 and 20 swings in per weight.  PAX were starting to swear a Little and some grumblings were going on.

Next would be shoulders, included bent over rows,  high rows, straight arm raises, and shrugs. In between each set we did swings as a rest.

Next was arms, bis and tris, included curls and extensions variations. Again. Swings in between each set. At thus point the struggle was real backs were starting to tighten up so YHC added good mornings to stretch out if need be.

Next set was just swings again and farmer carries.  Again all weights were used by each PAX.

What a great workout gentlemen, you all put in great effort and I truly appreciate it.

Notes and prayer requests were given and YHC sent us out.

It’s always an honor to lead your guys thanks for the opportunity to do so.


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