Wait, is that log supposed to be here??

Wait, is that log supposed to be here??

Workout Date:





Bling, Gipetto, Hoser, Valvano, Rousey

The Thang:

Waverucker hit the December high of 5 people this morning!  Weather was cloudy, chance of rain, and 44 on my phone (33 on my internal thermometer!).   Rolled in with my brother in law Gipetto at 4:25 to see Rousey and his shorts!  Hoser and Valvano followed, we had our fearsome five-some ready for a solid WaveRucker workout.

Dislcaimer given, and although I think I’m a professional, I still told the boys they can’t sue anyone!  Circled up, rucks off, did some stretching of the legs to warm us up.

Thru Tunnel- IC- 20

On 6- quad stretch switching legs every 20 seconds. (Twice thru)

plank position- calf stretch switching legs every 20 seconds.

Holding Rucks in front:

Shoulder press- IC- 20

SLLLOOWW Windmillls- IC- 20 (nice new move to get the legs and shoulders rocking)

1 minute hold above heads- IC

Properly stretched and body’s warmed up- we assembled the rucks properly on backs and started our brisk-paced walk to Warbird Park (after I turned on the music on my speaker!). Took about 10 min to get there.

20 Merkins- IC

20 BB sit ups- holding rucks above to transfer the weight to assist

1 minute wall sit (thanks for locating a spot Hoser!) with rucks on chest

20 step ups onto the brick wall with rucks on chest.

Rucks back on, started walking back towards the planes….when all of a sudden….I noticed a giant 8 foot utility pole lying in the grass?!?  what?!- We should carry this down to the beach?  OK- with the 5 of us, I initially thought 3 people on the log, with 2 reserves would do the trick- but with Valvano being 6’9”, and Rousey being 5’3” (estimating) this didn’t work out as I hoped….so, we modify.  We went with a 2man rotation.  this made the carrying heavier, but had 1 more reserve to help.  Rousey and Gipetto started together, Valvano, Hoser and I were the 2nd crew.  Carried the log just about .6miles to the art museum yard and dumped there to continue to the beach.

Low tide, perfect for some sand work.

Team pushup- this has become a favorite of Waverucker- and I think should be instituted every Wed!  We went with a 4-man press, with 1 watching, commenting, laughing, etc.  Rotated the boys thru so everyone had a chance to lead/watch/rest.  Started with chests on ground, lifting up to plank, then doing 1 full pushup together- not sure how we looked, but it was tough with packs on.

Indian run- down to Damons restaurant and back.  My bad, forgot Rousey can behead someone with a judo chop, but can’t jog!!  might have to call a “Penelope” there!  So, we modify.  The 4 of us did an Indian Run, Rousey kept up best he could.  turning around at Damons, I called out ” Turn around and go backwards”. Meaning (at least in my head, Valvano’s and Gipetto’s that we would run backwards, like any rational human). but, as we all know, Hoser is no rational dude- and he thought I meant turn around and run the other way we came- leading to all of us running into each other!!  So awesome that he needs that extra bit of instruction!

Back at the pier, we did a 30 yard Elephant walk, then a 30 yard bear crawl back to our beach entrance.

I wanted to try 1 more team pushup/Merkin- this time with all 5 of us!!  OK- so lets put Hoser on 1 end and Bling on the other (taking 75% of our team weight on the ends!) Rousey, Valano, and Gipetto in the middle to help us all lift up together.  Hoser made the command from the end and we lifted up off the ground- not mentioning the part where Rousey literally had his head all the way up my crotch.  Nice work boys- that is tough, even without the rucks.

Valvano gave me the time at 5:42- I was thinking it would take 30-35 minutes to get back to AO.  Only problem, we had to take the log back with us! (Gipetto and I had secretly moved this last night after seeing the Star Wars movie- LUKE!!!!). So, we stuck with the 2-man rotation and made our trek all the way back to AO- about 1.9 miles- took us 45 minutes.  As a kind and gentle Q, I did not punish the team for missing our time-hac by 10 minutes!

Awesome time this morning with awesome dudes- carried that log about 2.5 miles, did some new/old movements  we can only find on a Waverucker morning- and on a Tough!  Privilege to lead- announcements given, circled up and prayed out.  6:40, out.


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