Warthog pre cycle

Warthog pre cycle

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Bluegrass, billboard

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It seemed that we had a lot of PAX DR or with something else going on so I was expecting a little smaller group than normal but I wasn’t expecting a duo! We had been texting and tweeting about it and Weedeater said he was coming and needed Billboard to again haul his bike to the AO. I let the guys know that I would be late and arrive at 6:00 instead of 5:30, and when I got there I roll up to billboard circling the track because he is waiting on Weedeater and doesn’t want to leave his bike setting out for someone to grab! What a great friend he is, I would love to see the look on a person la face if they tried to take something and billboard showed up to question them about it!!! #HulkSmash. So after billboard and I talked shortly and decided that Weedeater must have had a long day and wouldn’t be showing up the bike was loaded up in the truck and out of sight and billboard and I took a nice stroll over to the beach. We headed to the state park and we’re lucky that the tide was just right so that we could ride down the beach. Putting in a total of about 12 miles (billboard had closer to 15 miles) we had some great fellowship and talked tons of smack about all the regulars that weren’t there. Always great to have a few minutes to get some quality time with Billboard, what a #HIM, you can’t not love this guy!

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