Warthog was dropping Blockee B.O.M.B.S.

Warthog was dropping Blockee B.O.M.B.S.

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XR)


Bubbles (R), Manziel (R), Shoeless (2XR), Spinal Tap, Sparky, Drifter, Fergie (AOQ), Snips (R)

The Thang:

Conditions 55, clear pretty much perfect for a good old fashion block workout.

I am always honored to lead at the mothership and having heard through the rumor mill that Billboard was preparing to crank AO – Beach Blocks back up I thought you know I think Warthog needs some blocks. Also through the grapevine I had followed the running man Q that GS Grand Poobah – Headgear had placed on those at Elevation Monday including the Fergie so I thought lets change it up with some blocks. So I contacted AOQ – Fergie and he said he was working on blocks as well. I needed to pick up blocks for a new AO which I will be cranking up in the next couple of weeks so just so happened that Weedeater was available to give me some blocks/pavers/pallet for the new AO (thanks Weedeater!) last night and Franklin met with me to give me the F3 stencil and some paint (Thanks Franklin!) so all the planets aligned for a Blockee B.O.M.B.S workout.

I rolled into the AO about 5:05 and Fergie was there getting a warm up walking lap in and posting the shovel flag. Opened up the bed of the truck and pulled out the blocks then it was 1 minute warning. Snips came in hot after Manziel so you know he was cooking and we got started.

Warm up:

TTT X 15, Imperial Walkers X20, Tempo Squats X15, Harry Rockettes X 20, LBAC – F/R & OHC X15, finishing up with SSH X 20 – Manziel was sure we were due 22 Merkins but I knew what was coming.

There were 9 of us so we partnered up with Fergie, Sparky and I working as a threesome. Sparky is fairly new to F3 but great having him onboard and he was kicking it.

DORA was performed with all of us lining up on southside of the track and one (or two) would run while the partner was knocking out the following:

100 Blockees, 200 Overhead Presses, and 300 curls – this was a butt kicker and Kudos to the groups Bubbles/Manziel, Spinal/Drifter, Snips/Shoeless, & Fergie/Sparky/Kiwi for pushing super hard through this arm burner workout. We finished with enough time to continue through an abbreviated BOMBS work out doing the following:

B – 20 Burpees, O – 40 Overhead Claps, M- 60 Merkins, B – 80 BBSUs, S – 100 Squats

This left 5 minutes for announcements – Freed to Bleed – April 28 – St. Marks, Dragon Boat Races – GrandStrand/Republic Boat (Captains – Runoff/Shoeless) April 29 – lots of fund raising needed yet, F2 lunches – today up at MIssion BBQ (north), tomorrow – Dagwoods MB, Thursday – Grilled Cheese & Crab Cake Co – south.

Lastly I closed us with a bible story from John 18: 1-14 when Jesus was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. While in the upstate I went to church with my wife and daughters and the minister spoke about these verses and their relevance to who Jesus was (The Son of God). Some reference this took place at passover in the Kidron valley and the stream of Kidron was know to pass through this garden. During passover it was estimated that upwards of 250,000 lambs were sacrificed and their blood ran more than likely from the temple through this garden in the stream of Kidron so imagine that this stream was blood red and a precursor to the Blood of the Lamb of God (Christ) that was about to be shed. In Verse 4 Jesus says “Who is it you want?” The reply from the soldiers (which by the way were probably numbered between 200-600 thinking they were going to quell a riot) was ”Jesus of Nazareth” at this point Jesus says “I AM He” (And Judas the traitor was standing there with them) When Jesus said “I AM He” they meaning the 200-600 soldiers drew back and fell to the ground! Think about this – our Lord commanded so much power that 200-600 soldiers drew back and fell to the ground. To me this verse and explanation shows the ultimate power that Christ had and his ability to stop this arrest should he have chosen to but Christ had already made his decision to die for our sins – Thank you Lord! I had never heard it presented in such a manner to recognize the power that God had to control what was happening.

I lifted up a praise for daughter Leigh who received her Clemson ring this weekend (one year from graduation) and has been chosen to be the small group coordinator for Clemson FCA come this next year – so proud of all her accomplishments but especially her continued work for God in FCA.

Snips did a great job praying us out

Honor to Lead!