Waverucker 11/2/22

Waverucker 11/2/22

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Penelope, Bling, Onecall, Valvano, Flop, Hoser

The Thang:

Last night YHC attempted to chum the waters to increase attendance for waverucker. The decision was made that this morning the pax would be focusing on miles, and fellowship. Pax were allowed to ruck whatever weight they were comfortable with or not even bring a ruck. The HC started to flow in from the usual suspects. Would anyone knew or a long forgotten kotter show up in the morning was anyone guess.

YHC arrived to the pothole that is called the warthog parking lot, to fine Penelope there waiting, shortly after the Bling and Onecall arrived to represent the Plantation Lakes crew, Valvano pulled in shortly thereafter. The heavy traffic did not stop Flop from making an appearance as well.

We circled up, disclaimer was given and we went on our way. YHC had to stop the pax from taking or normal route, today were would go a different way. We used part of the route from a 50K I did with Black Dog Running, we got in 4.75 miles. But more importantly than the miles was the conversations that were had. It was get getting able to catch up with everyone, tell stories and make people laugh.

Circled up for BOM.

Announcements: Frolic through the forest 5K 12/3, Christmas party 12/10, Bling scanverger hunt 12/10, 1st F Challenge ongoing, Free to Bleed.

Prayer Requests: Save travels for the PAX going to Jacksonville for the Star Course.