We Love Our Kids…and more….

We Love Our Kids…and more….

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Cubbie, Mayhem (Camden)(RESPECT), Valvano, Newton (2.0), Lombardi, Geno, Lil Knob (2.0), Bling, Varsity, Billboard, Scorpio (2.0), Nails (2.0), Flash, Bluegrass, Cupcake (FNK 2.0), Bacon (FNK 2.0), PatDown, Studebaker, Big Spur, Flippy (FNK 2.0), Speedy (2.0), OneCall

The Thang:

74; humid

As I perused the Q sheet as I often do, I noticed that this weekend was open.  Weird.  It’s Father’s Day!  What better way to start the weekend off right than to take the Q, and lead a combined 2.0 and PAX/dad workout!!  So I took it and wrote a #weinke that was meant to be fun for all, and hard for all.  I think I accomplised that from what I was told.  Not the easiest thing to keep 5 year olds engaged while also pushing the PAX, but it was worth a shot.  After all, the 2.0’s are one of the main reasons many of us post!  We wanna be able to physically engage with them and not be fat slobs on the couch.  We also want to show them the dedication we have to get up early every day (or almost every) and #DRP.  And the accountability and bonds with our Brothers!  Many many reasons to engage with the 2.0’s and I had a blast today as did the kiddos!!

1 minute warning
Disclaimer – made sure everyone was aware I was not a professional, although, as my shirt said, I was the World’s Best Dad and a Ninja.  Cubbie claimed he had the same shirt.  #Impossible
Made sure everyone knew we would do stuff together with the kids, but certain elements would be harder for the PAX without 2.0’s there

Explained to everyone, 2.0’s in particular, that this was the Circle of PAIN!!  And that PAIN would be brought!  Evil laugh.  Just kidding….Our COP was going to spell “We Love Our Kids”
[I apologize to several of our PAX that could not spell and were confused by the exercises]

Warm up with warm hugs
[This was classic.  The 2.0’s loved it.  Some of the PAX did too.  Some did the awkward bro hug.  Some embraced it and new bonds were formed.  Bluegrass is very cuddly.  NOBODY went near the sweat puddle named Bling]
Empty Wheelbarrow around the circle; belly up – everyone laughed at this, until they did it and realized it was a harder crab walk!!  Many of the PAX struggled with this one and poor 2.0 Scorpio had to hold Billboard..yep all 265 lbs of muscle.  #NotFair

LBC’s x 15 IC
One hand up – Turkish get-ups – 10 for PAX; 5 for 2.0’s
V-ups x 15 IC
Escalator around 4 cones – SSH’s, Merkins, Squats, LBC’s
If with a little 2.0 – 10, 20, 30, 40.  If no 2.0 or they were older, 20, 40, 60, 80 [this caused a lot of outcry, but as stated, the Q had some difficult elements for those without kids so they got their money’s worth so to speak.

OneCalls – soooo many complaints since this was the first time many of the PAX actually did proper merkins. 10 IC (8 count)
Up downs and Roll arounds for 2.0s’ and whoever wanted to do the rolls.  We went all around the circle with everyone calling down when they felt it…some were quick rapid fire, some were slowwwww.  We even got a 2.0 that yelled down, roll around a million times!!  YHC tried and after 4 got dizzy.
Rockettes – like IW’s, but shoot the leg straight out like a Rockette.  15 IC

Knerkins – 10 OYO
Imperial Walker x 15 IC
Daft Punk- Around the World Lunges – 2 at 12, 3, 6, 9.  3x around
Surfer Merkins – 360 degree jump then go down for merkin, pop back up and repeat.  10 OYO
#Crowdpleaser #Merlot

We all lined up at start.  The cones were 15 yards apart.
Bear crawl; hold plank on 6 – Plankorama when all together
Crab walk; Squats on 6 – 10 single count together
Bunny hop; calf raises on 6 – 10 slow single count together
Toy soldier Walk; SSH’s on 6 – 10 IC together
Skip – good form – get off the ground and leap; LBCS on 6 – 25 OYO when all together
Turn around and head back
Dragon Walk; plank
High Knees; Mountain climbers on 6 – 10 IC together
Frog jumps; Plank jacks on 6 – 10 IC together
Gorilla walk; CDD’s on 6 – 10 IC together
Run to start; Dance off!!!!!  The 2.0s smoked this.  Some of the dads participated. We saw the Floss, the Fortnight dance, the lasso, and the ever classic – the clap and slide!  Everyone wins!

Circle up.  Tight!  Guantanamo with dads on ground, all 2.0s run around and through those legs down!!!  2 rounds – smoked some core!
Flip over to plank now….Tunnel of Dads – little 2.0’s – crawl around the circle on top of the dads; big 2.0’s – army crawl under the plank
To encourage the dads I told em to imagine they were holding up a burning car while their family escaped!  SAVE THEM!  We lost a few – I won’t name names.  Work on it!

Line up at start again
Dads with 2.0’s on 1 side, other PAX on other
SSH’s at start – 20 for the 2.0 side, 50 for the PAX
Run, sprint, or mosey to the fifth cone – 75 yards
Drop to bear crawl to last cones and do burpees
5-10 on the 2.0 group; 20 on the PAX
Run to start
Rinse and Repeat this!

If you had 2.0’s you could cumulative count theirs

Circle it up for Duck Duck Goose in last 5 minutes.  If you got caught after tagging the goose, or the goose caught you, 5 merkins!


Count-O-Rama – 22, 1 DR, 9 2.0’s
Prayer requests for Camden Brother Schroot – loss of brother
Prayer requests for Pert Plus adoption
Prayer requests unspoken

– Having the 2.0’s out there was AWESOME!  They were all smiling and just loved being there with their dads!
– Hearing pretty much all the kids ask “Why doesn’t that guy Bling exercise” was classic
– Overheard Lil Knob saying a quick thank you prayer that he was sooooo much better than his dad
– The littlest kids amazed that the Winter Soldier (Bluegrass) was there working out
– Newton and Cupcake and Big Spur were smoking the workout!!  Seeing Lombardi and Studebaker grinning ear to ear with their 2.0’s was priceless
– 15, 16, and 17 year old 2.0’s can really throw some legs down during Guantanamo; and they workout like men!  Strong push guys!
– Great having Patdown come back after being a FNG last week!
– Flippy loves Flash – he’s just so adorable!
– First time I had seen Cubbie in a while since his temporary relocation.  Great catching up!
– As usual, Varsity smoked everything.  He was heard hollaring during Guantanamo at the under 10 crowd – is that all you got?!?!  Come on!!
– I may have scared Mayhem off when we started the workout with the warm hugs and Bling, Billboard, Valvano and Studebaker went straight for him!!!  But he stuck it out and was a great addition!  Enjoyed chatting with him at #coffeeteria
– Sorry Billboard – I signed us up to co-Q, then when your 2.0 had to work I just sorta took the whole Q.  You should sign up again soon!
– I wanted to pre-ruck, and had the 2.0’s on board – kinda forced on board, but still, on board – until the M intervened.  Set your alarms for 5:15.  We leave at 5:30.  Ugh……they said.  Come on!  It’ll be fun!!  Then we work out and then I will get you donuts!  Reluctant ok’s.  M – that is kinda ridiculous.  What is?  To make them get up at 5.  5:15!  Paul!  Call me OneCall please.  (JK)  It’s early, but they can play Fortnight with Bling til midnight, they can get up early 1 day to pre-ruck and workout!  Just do the workout.  Ok Ok.  #PickBattlesWisely
Messaged the pre-ruckers I would be a no show.  I was just super psyched to get the 2.0’s out there working out!
– Thank you for the gift of an excellent new tank top Bluegrass!

– Beach Day today!
– Buy a Burpee to help Pert Plus – READ IT HERE



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