Weather is …. ? Time for some HIIT

Weather is …. ? Time for some HIIT

Workout Date:





rubber, cold feet, brown bag, hermes, skidmark, war eagle

The Thang:

Visiting pax, Hermes, brought the bantz on what was otherwise a miserable morning. Intermittent rain interruption curtailed the HIIT workout.

HIIT workout format

Three sets of the following:

One minute at each of the five stations – followed by 10 second transition – and rotate. Exercises include: bicep curls, big boys, walkout into merkin, dips, and run-sprint-run laps around AO.

“Interval Timer” (google play store) app can be configured to set the workout parameters. The workout was performed to music with audible “beep” to mark the transition, start and stop of an exercise.

HIIT workout was followed by partner exercise balls-to-the-wall and burpee pyramid. Partner one performs 10 burpees while partner is balls-to-the-wall. Partners switch exercises and repeat sequence with 8 burpees, 6 burpees, 4 burpees, 2 burpees, 4 burrpees, 6 burpees etc. etc. The exercise was foreshortened due to heavy (HEAVY) rain and fatigue (even skidmark struggled!).

We moved to the covered area (next to the park) for the final fifteen minutes of the workout, which included PAX choice and sevens – jump squats and lunges.


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