Weight it’s pallets

Weight it’s pallets

Workout Date:





Saved by the bell , strap lock, High interest, Skidmark, mudslide, cubby, red coat, Goldberg, grunt, big wheels, Fng(turbo), Fng(salt life)

The Thang:

7:00 disclaimer given

warm up

15 ssh ic

15 diamond merkins

15 wind mills ic

15 diamond merkins

15 tempo squat

and then another fng rolls up so another disclaimer given and more warm up

15  Imperial Walkers ic

15 diamond merkins

15 little baby arm circles forward ic

15 reverse ic

15 diamond merkins

The Thing

now its time to mosey to the big parking lot on the other side of the  courthouse  Where I had dropped some weights off and had pallets waiting so we got in teams. there was 3 teams of 3 and 1 team of 4 the teams of 3 had one person with a weight on one side of the parking lot and 2 people on the other side one doing  burpee’s while the other was pushed the pallet to the pax with the weight and they switched. The team of 4 just had one pax doing   Turkish get ups on the side the weight was on so the only  exercise that would change would be the one with the weight for the first round we did  curls and we used the 4 man group as the timer when everyone in the 4 man group did every  exercise  2 times we stoped for some super sevens with v ups and sit ups then back to the pallets with the only thing changing is the pax with the weight did Backarm extensions we did two sets of this and we stoped. everyone got a partner and we did 2 sets of 10 leg throws and back to the pallets for our final round with squats. I’m not gonna lie I was kinda glad when that was over with but we still had about 25 more min and on our mosey back I had just the thing to kill a little time so we stoped for some  monkey humpers and while we was doing them I herd someone mentioning Barney and when I herd the name I thought of Moroccan night clubs so I ask straplock to do the honor of getting us through that and by that time we had turned a few heads so we moved to another parking lot this exercise I got from bluegrass who could not be there but sent his  regards and for some reason when I said the mumble chatter increased

1 forward lundge

1 left  side lundge

1 back lundge

1 right  side lundge


that was 1 and we increased the number of burpees by 1 until we got to 7 burpees

then we partnerd up for a little catch me if u can with one pax back  peddling while the other pax does 3 LBCs then gets up and tries to catch him after 2 rounds it’s time to mosey back and circle up for some pax choice after one time around it’s time to blow the whistle

count o rama

name o Rama

Fng’s got named

then I prayed us out thinking the Lord for all he has done!!!

Thanks for the chance to lead

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