Weights and Music at Blackbeard – Say What?!?

Weights and Music at Blackbeard – Say What?!?

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Say What?!?


Faulkner, Progresso, Flossy, Esau, Low Tide, Mater, Heisenberg (respect), Cheesy Biscuit, Spinal Tap, Birthday Boy, Bar Code, Punch Bug, Papa Smurf (War horse), Flyover, Say What?!? (QIC), and welcome Sandman (FNG) and Paula Deen (FNG).

The Thang:

Great Autumn weather. 2 FNGs – thanks to Flyover to see his friend Neil have a great first day.

The workout included some exercises to music and also a pair of dumbbells that a PAX would use and then pass along after each exercise.

Warm-up (weights: overhead presses)
15 American hammers IC
15 Side straddle hops IC
20 Single count merkins IC
10 Squat walkers IC
15 Mountain climbers IC
10 Bobby Hurleys OYO
15 Hello Dollys IC
15 Plank jacks

Mosey and Indian Run

Picnic Tables (no weights)
20 Dips IC
20 Declined merkins (IC)
Step-ups to the song Whip It by Devo
One step up and down to “whip it”
Step up to bench and table top on “whip it good”

Slowzy to Basketball Court

V-ups to the song Barbie Girl by Aqua
V-up to each “Barbie”

Basketball Court (weights: chest flys)
Suicide sprints
20 LBCs IC
Broad jump burpees to mid-court
20 Heels to heaven IC
Bear crawl to base line
10 Plank up/downs

Slowzy to Softball Field

Softball Field (weights: arm curls)
10 Slow Freddy Mercurys IC
10 180 degree jump squats OYO
10 Crunchy frogs IC
10 Smurf jacks IC
10 Diamond merkins OYO
10 Big boy situps IC

COP (no weights)
High steps as each PAX counted down from 5 to 1
Plank to the song Roxanne by The Police
Switch from High Plank to Low Plank at “Roxanne”
PAX Choice
10 Burpee/Mountain Climbers (thanks Flyover)
10 Dipsticks Right and Left side (thanks Spinal Tap)
10/10/10/10 Hammers
10 Left over right
10 Right over left
10 Ground touch on each side
10 Power hammers

Naming circle for the 2 FNGs. Welcome Sandman and Paula Deen!!!!

Bible verse for the day:
Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

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