What a beautiful morning to #GetBetter

What a beautiful morning to #GetBetter

Workout Date:





Lombardi (RESPECT), Jingles (RESPECT), Headgear, Swiper, Karma, Hoser, Prefontaine (RESPECT), Blooper, Fergie, OneCall

The Thang:

Very cool, but once that sun came up it was gorgeous!

Fergie is doing a fantastic job hitting guys up to fill the Q sheet…and I was glad to help on a holiday weekend since I knew I would be in town.  After eating way too much for 2 days, I was worried that just laying around would be on the weinke.  But Soto wanted to pre-run as well as post…wait…pre-run?  We usually pre-ruck.  Ugh..well thanks to our 1stF Q Valvano – he is putting together a BRR 2022 team.  Ridiculous.  #CSAUP galore.  Somehow as part of his #Shieldlock I am in on this.  Or will attempt to be.  So…sure Soto, I will watch you pre-run away from me as I do my darnedest.  Jingles HC’d and it was set.  As expected, Jingles and Soto took off at a blistering pace.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Fergie there early as I thought he was DR.  Fergie is a bit faster than me, but he stayed with and we walked about 1/2 a mile to warm up our old knees and then got in 1.5 miles of running.  He pushed me to keep up and we had some good conversation.  Running is also the worst.  110%, the worst.  But, let’s keep trying!  We returned to the trucks as scheduled and then rucked for about 20 with Soto and Jingles and Prefontaine who was there a bit early too.

Came back in hot to the AO to see some of the Oyster crew in prime form and Hoser the stud he is!  1 minute warning.  Disclaimer.

SSH’s x 20 IC
Lombardi pulls in
Little stretching
Lombardi sits in car
IW’s x 15 IC
Lombardi decides whether to get out or not
Little Stretching
Lombardi joins us!
Windmills x 15 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Tempo Squats x 15 IC

Mosey to this side of the bridge for some core work so we didn’t have to do it on the cold wet grass
LBC’s x 15 IC
Flutters x 20 IC
American Hammers x 15 IC
CDD’s x 20 IC

Lunge walk the bridge to top
20 Prisoner Squats OYO
Lunged walked down
Al Gore on 6

Mosey to the parking deck and wall sit on the far 1st level wall on the 6
While all wall sitting, 2 at a time would 50-60% run to 1st speed bump, then 80-100% to 2nd speed bump turn around and mosey back to wall sit; Next 2.  Rinse and repeat until all done. Headgear and Lombardi attempted to keep running to disappear but we caught them and made them come back.

Move to 1st speed bump.  All plank.  2 at a time run out and around the arobrtraiowitu4ruiowirurum…or whatever we called it.  Back to plank.  Next 2.  Rinse and repeat until all done

From the speed bump.  Run up 1 level.
5 merkins, 5 squats, 5 BBSUs
Run next level
10 of each.
Level, 15, level, 20, end at top – 25 reps of each
Brutal races here by Headgear, Swiper and Blooper
Strong push by EVERYONE!

The top of the deck looked nice with evenly spaced lights…so some suicides were on order.  Start at 1st light and use each of the other 5 to go there and back.  Nice huffing and puffing here!

Now we had to get back down…so we started a level off and ran down and did
20 Diamond Merkins, 20 jump squats, and 20 LBC’s
Level, 15, level, 10, level 5

Walked out to street and we ran to the corner with the faster guys turning around and picking up the 6 at several points. Ran to other side of bridge and then to the picnic tables for our last round of stuff
1 step up R leg
1 step up L leg
1 Dip
1 Derkin
Then on to 2 of each, then 3 and on and on until 7 minutes were up!

Mosey to ShovelFlag and TIME!

Count-O-Rama – 10
Prayer requests for Jingles and his move and new town and new job
Prayer requests for Jeter and health
Prayer requests for all of us when we need it and all those PAX needing physical and/or mental healing
Prayer requests for PAX traveling
Prayer requests unspoken


– Today had a great group of dudes.  Everyone was strong and worked hard.  We ran, we walked, we sprinted, we did PT, we got tired (some of us), we recovered, we worked some more.
–Strong words were shared in the COT about guys who may be struggling, who may need F3, one of us, a smile, a shoulder, a hug.  Never rush the COT.  Never rush a moment when a Brother may need you.  The men in the circle each day are there for you.  We never know what impact we may have or who may need to see us or hear from us, but know that it does happen every day that we may be that one person, we may say that one thing, that impacts someone’s life or changes their trajectory for the day!!!!  Love you dudes!

– Bling scavenger hunt date night – December 4.  Still time to sign up.  11 teams so far – pretty strong!  There is room for 1 more team!
– F3GrandStrand Annual Christmas party has been confirmed!!!  December 11 at Waterway Palms Clubhouse – 6PM
– Ugly Christmas sweater convergence in Conway on December 18
– Help on Ainsley’s Angels trailer continues


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